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15 Signs That You Need To Fire Your Client

Posted By fershid 1796 days ago on Design - We creative types are not known for our patience. We freak out over what to eat when we see an ugly menu at a restaurant. We won’t follow a road sign if it’s written in Comic Sans. But when it comes to clients, we listen, we hear and we understand. We’re patient because (a) we want to use our creative skills to solve their problems and (b) they’re paying us, damn it.

But patience has its limits and if that client is driving you up the wall too often, it’s time to fire that prick and tell your landlord the rent’s gonna be late. But when should you take that call? To answer that question, the cool folks at Creative Market have compiled a list of 15 signs that tell you when to press the eject button. Check them out here.

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