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15 Keyword Research Tools That Will Optimize Your AdSense CPCs

Posted By AdNgin 1609 days ago on Advertising -
Most webmasters and content creators assume that keyword research and keyword tools are mainly for marketers and advertisers. They are. But the truth is they can give publishers a lot more if applied right.

Analyzing Organic Search Traffic - Content that includes keywords with high traffic and low competition will bring you more traffic than high competition and low traffic keywords. This is SEO 101. More traffic means more clicks. We like clicks.
Long-tail Keyword Exploration - If you’ve done SEO beyond the 101? You’ll know that targeting popular long-tail phrases can get you nice waves of traffic.
Optimizing for High CPC - I’ve written about optimizing AdSense like a stock broker. So this article is a bit of a “part 2”. In that post, I discussed the overall process, here, I am going to help you fill that AdSense optimization toolkit with a few more useful tools and gadgets.

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