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13 Error Messages Every Designer Hates After A Long Day At Work

Posted By fershid 1602 days ago on Design - We’ve all been there. After a long night of editing 50+ layers in Photoshop, at 4 a.m., a three word message pops up on the screen: “Photoshop quit unexpectedly”. There are two possible outcomes after this.

1. If you had pressed Ctrl+S a few minutes before the message, you’re kissing the keyboard, thanking the man upstairs, and feeling luckier than last month’s Powerball winner.

2. If you hadn’t saved your work, you’re a combination of Mike Tyson (in 1988), Bruce Banner (after he’s been slapped) and King Kong (when he sees Godzilla).

The cool folks at Creative Market have come up with a funny list of error messages every designer dreads after a long day at work. Check them out here.

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