WordPress Themes

Hi guys, these are some of the best theme designers out there. Make sure to check them out I think you will be very impressed. I've put this list together and it's been a lot of work so kindly do use my referral links. Thanks for supporting the community and our growth. Sometimes all it takes to bring your blog to the next level is a new look. Trust me when I say people judge what your talents are by the way you look. Well in blogging just like real life people are judging you everyday.

You don't want people to stop visiting your blog because of the way it looks do you? You can make a difference today by visiting the following theme designers and turn your blog into a professional looking website. This is our main category, WordPress Themes




Don't rush your purchase. Take a look at all the sites I'm going to list and find something that meets your personality and blog environment. Whatever you do don't let your current theme or template set you back. Look professional and get a new wordpress theme asap.

Elegant Themes

The first theme designer I want to discuss is Nick from Elegant Themes. He has amazing talent and offers bloggers great themes at a low reasonable rate. Nick has a forum and provides full support for his members. If you want to look professional but have a low cash situation then this is the solution for you.

Simply Freshthemes

The Simply Fresh Themes project was started by a member here within our blog engage community named Keller Hawthorne. She is a young aspiring entrepreneur that is dedicated to helping everyone she meets. The theme is fresh, new and has so many amazing options via the admin control panel. Keller also offers a forum for theme support.

Thesis Theme

When thesis hit the scene it was by far the most anticipated advanced SEO ready wordpress theme on the market. They offer support for customization not to mention the thousands of videos available online. The price is a little more than the themes previously mentioned but you always get what you pay for. Make sure to see if it's something that can work for you and your blog.

Studio Press

With a unique look and feel to their designs Studio press has so much to offer you as a blogger. The developer of the themes Brian is a great guy and also provides a nice and relaxing community forum for theme support. Make sure to read all about the benefits and feature that come with your purchase. You will be very surprised what's included.

Blog oh Blog

New to the scene Blog oh blog will give your personal or business blog a new look and feel that not everyone has seen. Take a look at what they have to offer. make your blog professional and start looking at their themes. Increase your readership and visitors.

Affiliate Themes

Last but not least I introduce to you Affiliate Themes. If your blog is all about making money with affiliate or you simply want a theme that is easy to customize them make sure to check this on out. Watch the video and see if it's something for you.

Again when you think people aren't judging you trust me they are. The first 6 months in a relationship people are on their best behavior. Why you ask? because it's when we determine if we like them or not and the same goes for your blog.

Take the necessary step to avoid losing blog readers due to your poor blog design. Purchase a theme today and start blogging like the pro's. Who knows it may be exactly what you needed to become that next great and popular blogger.