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How to Sell Thousands of Books When You Don’t Have an Audience

Posted By BryanPositiveWriter 89 days ago on Writing - By Positive Writer contributor Frank McKinley. Do you have a book inside you that needs to be shared with the world? I know how you feel. You should write it and sell it, even if you don’t have an audience yet… But I’m an Unknown Author I started writing books 4 years ago. It all

30 Little-Known Ways To Promote A Blog Post in 2017

Posted By unfunnel 363 days ago on Web Traffic - Need more traffic to your website pages or blog posts?

Use this content marketing checklist after you publish every post to make sure you’re doing everything you can to promote your blog posts and get website and blog traffic.

Instagram vs. YouTube – How to Go Viral with Videos on these Platforms

Posted By ZacJohnson 123 days ago on Business - Reading Time: 5 minutesInstagram and YouTube are both excellent platforms that help you to promote your brand and your ideas on a popular social media site. YouTube is both a social media site and a video platform, and it is operated by the power of Google’s search engine. So this means that, when you post on YouTube, you’ll […]
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How The Pharmaceutical Industry Went From Strength to Strength

Posted By ivanpw 111 days ago on Business - Some industries have struggled of late. Post-Brexit anxiety has enveloped a number of areas of the economy, but one area that is thriving is pharmaceuticals. Manufacturers of medical goods and associated services such as pharmacy chains have done very well in recent years, owing to a variety of factors.The industry’s spending on research and development has helped to keep it going. Figures from 2016 reveal that half of the UK’s £16.5 billion of research and development spending came from pharmaceutical companies. Commitment to developing new drugs to fight dreaded illnesses such as cancer and diabetes has created jobs and opportunities within the industry.…

Favorite Branding Strategies and Tactics

Posted By hassanbawab 230 days ago on Marketing - Our premier rule of brand strategy is to align our clients’ brand assets to their brand identity. Using the digital forum to do that, Magic Logix maximizes the richness of the brand experience by merging technology, creativity and online marketing. CRM, CMS and SEO optimized, user-friendly design are central to that effort. Web 2.0 design is all about customer centric intuitive user interface and functionality being fully integrated into digital presentations.

Home Phone Comparison 2017 Edition

Posted By gonevoip 105 days ago on Business - Welcome to our 2017 edition of the home telephone service comparison between traditional landline and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service providers. For those who are not familiar with VoIP phone service, in a nutshell, it is a regular telephone service carried out by a VoIP provider via a broadband Internet connection. Although VoIP […]

The Key to Ranking Your Local Business in Google

Posted By FireRock 294 days ago on Marketing - For local businesses, showing up on page one is a must – showing up in the Google 3-pack (or whatever it is called this week) can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. All Google products evolve as they find ways to make search better and, let’s face it, make more money from that fact. […]The post The Key to Ranking Your Local Business in Google appeared first on FireRock Marketing.

Social Shorts: This week in SM

Posted By ArthurForever 86 days ago on Marketing - Social moves fast, and so does social media news. Here are our favourite news shorts from this week in SM.  Facebook removes instant articles from Messenger Developed to entice publishers to create content directly within the platform itself, Instant Articles haven’t quite had the impact Facebook would have wanted so far. And just over a […]
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How to Get unlimited Free YouTube Views For Your Videos?

Posted By ravik1214 159 days ago on Web Traffic - Since you are reading this blog post, I assume you already have a YouTube channel where you have started uploading videos as well. However, No matter how much effort you are putting in, You are not getting views. Right?

Let me tell you that sharing your videos on forums or various sites doesn’t work too well until and unless your video has viral content(By Viral, I mean trending topics).

My Friend, Let me tell you a Little Secret! Actually, They use Free YouTube Views Service. Although these views don’t help them in making money through Adsense Ads, They surely help them in ranking their videos. Let’s Understand this through this example- Suppose you started a YouTube channel, created a video and uploaded it on Your Channel. Since your channel is too new, No one will watch your vide

Porn ads – Pay Attention business owners

Posted By jonathan 320 days ago on Marketing - Porn ads aren’t something talked about in polite company. This is unfortunate, because if you can get past the graphic nature of the content, and your own priggish nature of what is right and wrong, there is a goldmine of stuff, for a clever business marketer to discover. Ahh but nobody looks at porn you […]