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How I Survived The Emotional Rollercoaster of Infertility

Posted By Jarvis 5 days ago on Health - “What an emotional rollercoaster journey it is” is a familiar thought for anyone experiencing infertility. Each stage of a fertility journey can bring extreme highs and low of emotions, and each person will cope with these emotions differently.  Whether you are sharing your journey with family and friends, or keeping it very private, how do […]

Meet Stacey and Kurt who embark on their journey abroad to start a family with Quirónsalud University Hospital

Posted By Jarvis 4 days ago on Health - The last six months have felt like years for many and for Stacey and Kurt it must have felt like a lifetime. In March they had been chosen by our latest fertility journey partners Quirónsalud University Hospital to receive free treatment at their clinic in Madrid.  This felt like the opportunity of a lifetime for […]

A Crash Course On Eating Plant Based

Posted By glolifewellness 4 days ago on Health - Pyure products are plant-based, made from organic stevia plants. This highly sustainable plant lets us create a high-quality, tasty sugar alternative – and helps you avoid the chemicals, additives, and artificial processes found in many artificial sweeteners, not to mention plain-old sugar.  For many, stevia makes up an important ingredient in a plant-based diet. For others, … Continue reading A Crash Course On Eating Plant Based

New Year, New You…. Time To Change Your Mindset

Posted By Jarvis 3 days ago on Health - The start of a new year can be a big challenge when you’re on a fertility journey. Not only is it right in the middle of the most family and children centred celebrations of the year, but it’s traditionally also a time to look back over the last year and look forward to the next. […]

Stacey & Kurt’s IVF Diary Following Their Egg Collection in November

Posted By Jarvis 6 days ago on Health - Quirónsalud University Hospital offered free IVF treatment to one of Fertility Road readers Stacey & Kurt applied and was successful in their application COVID-19 put their first visit on hold September clinic held a video consultation with the couple Over the summer period we have been in regular contact with Dr Gosalvez and Marta to […]

Women Are Spending The Equivalent Of Almost An Entire Month Of The Year Worrying – And More Than Half Said It Is Having An Impact On Their Health

Posted By Jarvis 2 days ago on Health - Women are spending the equivalent of almost an entire month of the year worrying – and more than half said it is having an impact on their health. A study of 2,000 adults found women spend an average of almost two hours a day feeling worried or stressed, with two-thirds of this time spent feeling […]

Ovulation symptoms – how do you know when you’re most fertile?

Posted By Jarvis 5 days ago on Health - Each cycle, your body provides clues to when you are approaching ovulation. Learning these ovulation symptoms will help you get the timing right during your most fertile window. What ovulation symptoms should you look for? Ovulation is not an entirely hidden process. There are a number of ovulation symptoms that are often experienced by women some […]

7 Of The Best Card Games For Couples

Posted By jronc23 1 day 19 hours ago on Body and Mind - With the growing number of couples card games out there, how do you know which ones to try first? You know exactly how much spice you’re looking for, which is a good start. And maybe you want a game that will make you both laugh a lot. When it comes to fun card games for ...
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