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BATTLE OF THE HUMIDORS: THE Newair 1500 Vs. THE Remington Lite humidor

Posted By crownhumidors 16 hours ago on Personal - The Newair 1500 and the Remington Lite, both are electric humidors. The venerable difference between both the humidors is their size and storage capacity. The Newair 1500 comes under the ... Read more

Places to Visit in Oklahoma-Top 15 for 2022

Posted By thetravelvirgin 9 hours ago on Travel - In Oklahoma, red dirt, buffalo herds, and oil wells abound, a gateway to the west. Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the state's two main cities, have had a polished air since they were founded on the oil fortunes of the early 1900s. Even though the state's cosmopolitan image is enhanced by modern museums and galleries of foreign art and lush gardens, many tourists choose to experience Oklahoma by driving down Route 66.
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Daily Journal: February 2, 2000

Posted By clifhaley 6 minutes ago on Humor - I checked out this great band last night called WarehouseLarry. They sounded like a rocket powered freight train full of Black Sabbath crashing into a nuclear power plant at the speed of light. Awesome show. If I ever start another band I’m going to call it WarehouseHarry, and we’re going to play songs that sound […]
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