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Simple ways to improve your invoicing and billing process

Posted By moneytized 20 days ago on Finance - There are ways to stop wasting time on invoicing paperwork.
And invoicing and billing might not be the definition of fun, to be honest.

So, in this article, there simple ways to make things easier and more fun!

Get More Money Back on Your Tax Return with help from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Posted By ACUWeb 13 days ago on Finance - Are you expecting a tax refund for your business this year? Check this out. There’s a way to get an even bigger refund, no matter the size of your business. This year the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) goes into effect, a law that might offer huge tax benefits for individuals with Qualified Business Income (QBI) through a partnership, S Corporation, LLC or sole proprietorship. Here’s how to qualify your business for the new tax deduction under the Tax Cuts and Job Act.