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Male Humming Bird in Flight Collection by Clint Murchison – A must-have for any hummingbird enthusiast!

Posted By Kurtaggie 25 days ago on Art - We offer truly unique and humbling fine art produced here locally in Arkansas. Our gallery covers a wide range of prints with themes ranging from hummingbirds to squirrels, tree scenes, and just about any form of art that a person could want! Each collection offers a truly unique taste and addition to any home that appreciates both art and nature. Of our collection, we are pleased to announce the new addition of Male Hummingbird in Flight by Clint Murchison. This collection details the up-close perfection of the male Hummingbird, and it’s exquisite form while mid-flight. More

Winter Dove by Murchison

Posted By Kurtaggie 23 days ago on Art - In these chaotic times, many of us are looking for some place where we can find just a little bit of peace and tranquility. As the world searches for ways to regain a little bit of the silence and harmony that seems to have been lost, artists around the country are providing a way of escape.More

Photographs of the Moon 1874 (models of the moon that is)

Posted By Kurtaggie 19 days ago on Art - At first glance these intricate depictions of the moon might seem like photographs from the Apollo space program of 1961–75. In fact they were captured a century earlier by an ingenious and wholly land-based Scottish astronomer. Peering through a self-made telescope, James Nasmyth sketched the moon’s scarred, cratered and mountainous surface. Aiming to “faithfully reproduce the lunar effects of light and shadow” he then built plaster models based on the drawings, and photographed these against black backgrounds in the full glare of the sun. As the technology for taking photographs directly through a telescope was still in its infancy, the drawing and modelling stages of the process were essential for attaining the moonly detail he wanted.More