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My Live Race Car Experience, Pit Stop Challenge & the inspiration behind Disney’s Cars 3 #Cars3event

Posted By lovepeacemommy 1721 days ago on Blogging - I must say I have been fortunate in my life to have experienced some really unique and cool experiences. Some have taught me a lot of fascinating things, some have helped me discover new talents, and some have scared me half to death. My single day spent at the Sonoma Raceway last month during my […]The post My Live Race Car Experience, Pit Stop Challenge & the inspiration behind Disney’s Cars 3 #Cars3event appeared first on Love, Peace, and Tiny Feet.

WordPress Security – A Fresh Perspective for Your Website’s Security

Posted By inspiriting 1721 days ago on Blogging - Thinking of WordPress security in a layered concept is a fresh approach and much less overwhelming than checking off the countless tasks that are demanded everywhere. Bringing in a structure to security duties can also be seen as a sustainable way to organize your website's security.

How to Setup Spam Settings in Apple Mail!

Posted By giriu 1660 days ago on Software - Have you ever received an email from a Nigerian prince promising 50% share on Billions of diamonds? Of course. We all have received that. And unless, you recently joined this trend of emailing, you know it’s not true. Although, I daydream constantly about that email being authentic, I know it’s not. It’s spam: one of […]The post How to Setup Spam Settings in Apple Mail! appeared first on USL Software.

Drive Sales from Content with Openr

Posted By supermonitoring 1659 days ago on Marketing - The modern online space is ruled by articles. People are information hungry. They wish to read about and practice good habits, food choices, lifestyle decisions, work ethics, and everything else as other people like them.

Fonts Used In Famous Logos (With Download Links)

Posted By fershid 1385 days ago on Design - Ever wanted to know the names of the fonts used in the logos of famous brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, FedEx, Gillette, Jaguar, Lufthansa, Omega, Rolls-Royce, Visa, etc.? We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of 60 well-known logos with their corresponding fonts and download links.

In some cases, the fonts have been tweaked or edited from their original form to create a customized wordmark. In those cases, we’ve listed the closest possible font that matches the logo. Check out the list here.

Posted By Jasoncpf 1321 days ago on WebSites - Whether you’re thinking of starting a travel blog or want to set up an online store for your business, you’re going to need a website. More importantly, you need to register a name (or domain name) for your brand and it needs to be catchy!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why do I need to think so hard about a domain name? Can’t I just go with what I have?”

You could, but then, it probably wouldn’t be a good domain name. And if you want your blog or website to succeed, you going to have to come up with a good domain name to go along with it.

Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair? 9 Reasons Why

Posted By TheDiscerningCat 434 days ago on all - Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair? Does your cat like to nibble on your fur? There are several reasons why your feline may enjoy your hair - and several ways to stop this behaviour if you don't enjoy it

New Year resolutions: Do we want or need them?

Posted By ian50shades 1476 days ago on Health - New Year resolutions may have their place in some people’s lives but not in mine. That’s not to say that I never set targets, and set out to achieve them, but I cannot see anything special about January 1. Yes, it marks the start of a new calendar year – but, so what? If you […]The post New Year resolutions: Do we want or need them? appeared first on 50shadesofsun.

A Year With COVID-19 – Continuing to Serve God

Posted By edjarrett 353 days ago on Religion - COVID-19 has been with us for a year now. It has been a challenging year in many ways. But God still calls and equips us to serve him.
The post A Year With COVID-19 – Continuing to Serve God appeared first on A Clay Jar.