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How To Shop Online For A Mattress In The UK

Posted By uttoransen 982 days ago on Shopping - before you go out to buy a new mattress, there are some things you should consider to ensure you get the best mattress for your needs - See more at:

Do You Have These Classic Accessories in Your Closet? [Photos]

Posted By lisarobinjewelry 721 days ago on Jewelry - Classic Style Part 2: Accessories So I decided I need a list of classics to keep in my wardrobe. I think the old adage was to buy quality classics and keep them forever. But now I think the classics can be updated to reflect trends and don't need to break the bank. They are really just the core pieces of nice quality every gal needs.


Posted By Honeybeelingerie 624 days ago on Shopping - ENTER THE NEW WORLD OF BRACLI! This erotic thong is created to leave your lover begging for more! The famous sexy Hypnosis thongs from Bracli have been reborn in this sexy sophisticated and luxurious new colour Midnight Blue and of course, the most important accessory beautiful and elegant matching artisan Midnight Blue pearls!!From Bracli, the luxury lingerie designer, comes artisan pearls that are especially cultured in the Baleric Islands using a process that is top secret! These exquisite lace and pearl pieces of lingerie are of fantastic quality and are all hand knotted to create the beautiful, luxury pearl thongs that Bracli are renowned for worldwide. Bracli Hypnosis Pearl Thong Blue·       Created in beautiful Midnight Blue l

If you are talking lace, you have to talk LEAVERS lace considered the BEST lace in the world!

Posted By Honeybeelingerie 623 days ago on Shopping - If you are talking lace, you have to talk LEAVERS lace considered the BEST lace in the world! Leavers lace is known throughout the world although it has a couple of other names like French Lace and Calais lace. Here is a brief history of the most famous and well loved Lace in the world!The machine was originally invented in 1808 by an Englishman called John Heathcote and was developed by John Leavers hence the Leavers name was borne. It is said that the inventor made the machine from watching the movement of lace maker’s fingers, for hours and hours, at their craft to ensure that the machine replicated exactly their finger movements! Would you believe the British Government banned the export of the machines to save the trade as most of the people in Nottingham worked in th

Selecting the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift in 2018

Posted By uttoransen 534 days ago on Shopping - What do you give to the person who has supported you and loved you unconditionally your entire life? March 11 is Mother’s Day in the UK, and that means the shopping days are quickly coming to a close. It’s time to find the perfect gift

Classic Style Jewelry Step by Step [Infographic]

Posted By lisarobinjewelry 721 days ago on Jewelry - I am a big fan of jewelry that can mix and match as well as work with a variety of styles. As a visual "how to" this infographic will show you options for jewelry based on your preferences. For more on classic styling, here is my list of must have jewelry see What is Classic Style Anyway?

POST-IT NOTE TO SELF - Say I love you in a way that will NEVER be forgotten!

Posted By Honeybeelingerie 624 days ago on Shopping - Say I love you in a way that will NEVER be forgotten!There is NOTHING that sculpts a woman’s body better than a beautifully fitting basque!Now you don’t just need to DREAM about beautiful lingerie - Luxxa has been creating luxury lingerie for years in their tiny manufacturers hidden in the hills of the South of France. They use the most gorgeous and quality materials such as Jacquard lace and the fastenings of their lingerie are patented thus it is very special designer lingerie.Today we feature the cupless basque, and closed g string that will definitely heat up the temperature in the bedroom!Luxxa Taurus Basque Sein Nu ·       Underwired under the bust for support and to show off your curves. ·       Created entirely in Jacqua

13 Reasons Why Your Holiday Shopping Should Start Now

Posted By uttoransen 1013 days ago on Shopping - How is it that the holiday season becomes less about family and fun and more about racing the crowded aisles for gifts every year?

This year why not make a conscious decision to not be part of the problem.

The solution? Simply start your shopping earlier - much earlier.


Posted By Honeybeelingerie 622 days ago on Shopping - HIS EYES WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU AS HE WATCHES YOU CLIMB THE STAIRS TO THE BEDROOM!For the woman who loves silk designer lingerieand knows exactly what it can do for her!  Makes her feel confident, irresistable and proud of her body as her gorgeous silk chemise moves showing her curves. For the man who lets his imagination run wild as he sees the beautiful picture in front of him knowing that it is for him and him alone ......Aubade,Paris famed for luxury lingerie has introduced 2 new colours to their collection of silk luxury nightdresses and they are strunning!Colour Cuivre - romantic copper reminiscent of the fire that burns between two people in love..... Colour Fumee – reminiscent of a romantic walk on a faraway pebbled beach Aubade Crepuscule Silk Nightdress Cuivre or Fumee·


Posted By Honeybeelingerie 624 days ago on Shopping - Once again Aubade has excelled in their lingerie collection and created the beautiful range of Precious Amour designer lingerie in Colour Rouge Darling:Aubade Précieux Amour XThis new high-end range is created in soft red silk embroidered with incredibly sensual black arabesques; a diamante jewel accents the centre. It also uses high technology with its laser cut technique for the arabesques embroidered on silk, creating a dazzling result, a strong, luxurious and voluptuous set of luxury silk lingerie. Each piece of designer lingerie comes in a sleek box with the Aubade signature.Aubade Precieux Amour Three Quarter Cup Bra ·       Luxury three quarter balconette bra giving uplift, excellent shape and good support to the bust·    &nbs

15 Top Model Car Toys To Buy In The UK

Posted By uttoransen 1003 days ago on Shopping - On this list, you will find model cars from famous movies like Fast and Furious along with new and traditional favorite models of some of the world's biggest auto makers on the market.

So without further ado, here's a look at the 15 top model car toys to buy in the UK.