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4 Online Tools for Branding Your New Small Business

Posted By fthead9 463 days ago on Finance - Everyone knows that the branding of a business can make or break it. As a result, in today’s world it’s important for businesses of all sizes to maintain an online presence that does justice to that branding. This includes being involved in social media, having a good looking website, and having a logo that’s both attractive and […]The post 4 Online Tools for Branding Your New Small Business appeared first on Dyer News.

Becoming Rich | How to Define It?

Posted By danthony 1327 days ago on Finance - Regardless of how you answer the above, you are here because of not wanting to be one of the status quo, you want something more out of life, you want to ensure that a lack of money or resources doesn’t impact your lifestyle. It’s why you constantly save your money consistently, it’s why you make sure you never spend what you earn in a given month, it’s why you ever increase your Financial Education and Financial IQ.

Everyone Should Have a Dashboard

Posted By mevanscpa 738 days ago on Finance - Distinguishing high and low performance often requires a common set of metrics. Applying standard metrics across different positions can drive exceptionally high levels of performance across a company. This is often found in the world of sports. Examples include a baseball pitcher’s ERA (Earned Run Average), a football quarterback’s passer rating (QPR), or the average per game metrics applied to basketball players – Points per Game, Rebounds per Game, Assists per Game, Steals per Game and Blocks per Game. This standard framework binds the company, allowing managers to quickly size up individual players and identifying those who need coaching. Similar to sports, businesses should develop a framework for recognizing performance across the workforce. Even without specific metrics for a job,

3 Best Reasons To Invest in Gold Now

Posted By ravikumarnama 451 days ago on Finance - For many years, Gold is a good investment for Indians because of certain advantages with Gold investment. However, due to some reasons the Gold lost its sheen from the last 3 years. But the current global economic scenarios again encouraging to invest in Gold for hedging of your investments. Gold price forecast for the coming years is looking optimistic. The central banks are continuing to buy gold and are simply not selling. We will see what are these favorable scenarios for Gold investments. We will also see what are the various options available for an Investor to invest in Gold...Why Gold is A Good Bet Now?1. Nifty PE Ratio:Markets are at their peak now. The PE Ratio of the Markets are reaching to 25 which is an alarming level for Market bearish in the coming days. If you see the foll

Trading Cryptocurrency for Profit and Beginners 2017

Posted By hramkumar 111 days ago on Finance - Crypto currencies are becoming more and more famous over the last few years. This is primarily due to the rise in the value of these crypto currencies. This rise is led by Bitcoins. Now-a-days even people who do not know anything about crypto currencies are thinking about investing in them. The truth is that, if […]The post Trading Cryptocurrency for Profit and Beginners 2017 appeared first on Best Guide on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Investment.

What Are Your Odds Of Retiring Comfortably?

Posted By douglascarey 638 days ago on Finance - Many of those thinking about their retirement like to ask if their money will see them through their retirement years and how much they might be able to pass on to their heirs. Unfortunately many people (and some financial advisors) look at investment returns through time as something that is static. They plug in some annual return assumptions and look at the results from there.

Cash flow statement Overview – CFA Level 1

Posted By aarwinsguidetocfa 367 days ago on Finance - From this post we begin a series of posts covering the various aspects of the cash flow statement. Over the next few posts we will cover the format of the Cash flow statement or the statement of cash flows as they are also known , the different types of cash flows and the different methods... Read MoreThe post Cash flow statement Overview – CFA Level 1 appeared first on Aarwin's Guide to CFA.

How to get Bitcoins? A beginner’s guide to earn free bitcoin

Posted By hramkumar 111 days ago on Finance - While mining Bitcoins takes significant overhead and investment, earning free Bitcoins is much simpler and more straightforward. There are multiple different ways you can do this, without the hassle of setting up a system for mining. Keep reading to learn more. Bitcoin Faucets Perhaps the easiest way to earn free Bitcoins is to use a […]The post How to get Bitcoins? A beginner’s guide to earn free bitcoin appeared first on Best Guide on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Investment.

Top Tips on Buying a Commercial Property

Posted By erikemanuelli 1291 days ago on Finance - Buying a commercial property may prove a wise and remunerative investment, whether you are doing so to secure premises for your own business or buying with the specific intention of letting to others as a money-making venture.

Here are a few tips outlining the advantages of making such an investment, together with some of the considerations you may wish to bear in mind.

8 Best Job Sites for Freshers/Students in 2015

Posted By ravikumarnama 931 days ago on Finance - Every year lakhs of students are coming out of colleges and searching for jobs. Some colleges are offering Campus placements where some few thousands of lucky students are getting jobs during their final year. However, the remaining students are depending on the off-campus placements to check their luck. There are many job sites are available for freshers for searching a suitable opportunity for them. The following 8 Job sites are best job sites for freshers where one can find jobs in Government and Private companies and other relevant information for freshers.1. Firstnaukri:A subsidiary of, the is one of the biggest job search website for college students and fresh graduates. The site is exclusively targeted towards entry level hiring. Maintaining the largest d

Investing In Cryptocurrency – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Posted By hramkumar 111 days ago on Finance - Investing in cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular. The problem is that normal people are not that tech savvy to understand the entire concept of cryptocurrency. If you’re investing in the wrong way, you can lose a significant amount of money. Owing to this very reason, when you are trying to invest in crypto currency, it […]The post Investing In Cryptocurrency – Complete Beginner’s Guide appeared first on Best Guide on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Investment.