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Press Releases for Small Business – See My Results

Posted By webeminence 1444 days ago on Business - What is a Press Release? Traditionally, a press release is a written news story with a headline, dateline, media contact information, etc. You’ve probably read many press releases online not realizing they were press releases. You can see an example of a press release I published above. Press releases have been around since the […]The post Press Releases for Small Business – See My Results appeared first on Web Eminence.

5 of the Latest Marketing Trends of 2015

Posted By Audienti 1172 days ago on Marketing - A new year brings new trends, especially when it comes to marketing, and we’ve been busy compiling some of the most anticipated and promising ones of 2015. Don’t waste your energy chasing after every hot new ploy that rolls into town; take note of these marketing trends instead, and become one of the early adopters. If you do it well, who knows? We may even be writing about you this time next January.Free Bonus: We’re sure one of your New Years resolutions is to learn the basics of 1:1 marketing. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our whitepaper, “Intro to 1:1 Marketing.” You can also get some tips and tricks from our social media whitepaper, “Rates and Ratios: How Much of What Not to Do in Social Media Marketing.” TransparencyCon

Rates and Ratios: How much of what to do in Social Media Marketing

Posted By Audienti 1177 days ago on Marketing - Effective social media marketing is unchartered territory for many businesses. Fortunately, much trial and error has occurred by its pioneers. As a result, we have guidelines for a successful strategy across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond.Make sure to take your business’ social media presence seriously. If you don’t plan on making it a vital marketing tool, don’t bother at all. A poorly executed social media marketing strategy is more detrimental than a lack thereof. If you follow the right recipe, your social media marketing strategy will become a model citizen amongst the competition.PR and marketing pros should take note that a brand’s success on social media isn’t just about…Click To TweetDownload now: Our free whitepaper, The Formula to a Successful Marketing Creative T

Ford Explorer Print Ads Show Off Cool Car Features When You Place Your Phone Over Them

Posted By fershid 1234 days ago on Marketing - Ford and agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi (Israel) created these QR code-enabled interactive print ads to demonstrate the Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Power Fold features on their Explorer SUV. Check it out in action below.

What Sets Performance-Driven Businesses Apart?

Posted By ivanpw 1234 days ago on Business - Every smart company knows that it’s not the data itself that’s important — it’s how you bring structure and meaning to those numbers.With today’s seemingly endless bank of knowledge and tools, accessing and collecting data about a company’s visitors, leads, and customers is easier than ever. Yet many companies aren’t optimizing their marketing and sales based on that data. According to Adobe’s Digital Distress study, while 76 percent of marketers believe that data measurement is important, only 29 percent of them feel that they use the data effectively.This is where performance-driven companies come into play. They excel at connecting actions to outcomes — ready to pivot at any moment, rather than operating with a rearview-mirror persp

Some Sports Ideas for Fundraising

Posted By myefunder 829 days ago on Crowdfunding - Sports can draw the attention of young and old alike. Sports are events which can pump adrenaline into the arteries and generate excitement and enthusiasm unlike any other event. Ideas for fundraising involving sports thus can attract a big participation. Fundraising for a cause can certainly benefit a lot from ideas for fundraising involving sports as […]The post Some Sports Ideas for Fundraising appeared first on MyeFunder.

Wix Review – An HTML Editor that is Fun?

Posted By webeminence 1415 days ago on Business - Check out my in depth video review of Wix - probably my favorite website builder of all the builders I've reviewed. It's the only website builder where you can easily create face art. Watch me put a mustache on my face in the video.

Do you and your Employees Really Believe in the Value of your Products?

Posted By ivanpw 1172 days ago on Business - If you or your staffs do not believe in your business value and cannot justify your product pricing, then how can you and your staffs serve customers well?

3 Super Easy Tricks to Empower Your Writing

Posted By BryanPositiveWriter 1125 days ago on Writing - I made an important realization recently. I couldn’t seem to focus when I tried to write. I felt anxious and worried, while my thoughts and my stomach whirled together… But, this made no sense. The New Year has been great for me so far writing wise. Thanks to this Positive Writer post, The Agony of

4 Online Tools for Branding Your New Small Business

Posted By fthead9 563 days ago on Finance - Everyone knows that the branding of a business can make or break it. As a result, in today’s world it’s important for businesses of all sizes to maintain an online presence that does justice to that branding. This includes being involved in social media, having a good looking website, and having a logo that’s both attractive and […]The post 4 Online Tools for Branding Your New Small Business appeared first on Dyer News.

17 Trigger Words That Work Like Cheat Codes for Getting Your Content Read • Boost Blog Traffic

Posted By erikemanuelli 1023 days ago on Pro Writing - Sending emails to promote your latest content?

Discover the "magic" words that get more people to click your links and read your content.