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How we blocked zero-day malware attacks on websites using NAXSI firewall

Posted By man1056 1405 days ago on Security - Unlike other kinds of attacks, defense against a zero-day attack is harder because no official patch or notification would be available from the vendor. We use unique characteristics of such attacks to block similar exploit attempts on servers under our care.

Doing a home inspection? Then now would be a good time to change your wireless router’s default password.

Posted By PasswordCoach 620 days ago on Security - Selling your home? Still using the wireless router’s default password? Cananyone inspecting your property easily see that password? Sticking with therouter’s default password is bad security practice, but showing it tostrangers is especially risky.

Update Your Computer Software Using Kaspersky Updater Tool

Posted By neerajrawat1 1381 days ago on Security - Kaspersky has always been in our favorite list if we talk about Antivirus. If you are regular at Experts Galaxy then you must be running a good security software and that too for free. Running a good Antivirus doesn't guarantee the security of your PC, if the other software are outdated. Anyone can make use of the vulnerabilities present in the older version of the installed software to bypass the security software.

When you push down on one corner of the biscuit tin, the other corner pops up.

Posted By PasswordCoach 606 days ago on Security - Operator of the defunct passwords-for-cash website ischarged with 'trafficking in identity information'. The website disappearedin 2017 but has since been replaced by another that has 50% more hackedcredentials available for sale. Most cryptocurrencies are supported.

Keep cybersecurity front-of-mind with a feed of 300+ free bite-sized educational posts for your media channels

Posted By PasswordCoach 480 days ago on Security - Keep cybersecurity front-of-mind with a feed of 300+ bite-sized educationalposts for your media channels. It’s free. It’s quick. And it’s easy. Asteady feed of cybersecurity awareness materials to keep everyone engaged.

Stand and Deliveroo – Dick Turpin is back and he's making off with your dinner money

Posted By PasswordCoach 852 days ago on Security - It’s probably been a while since you attended school, and the days ofhaving your dinner money wrenched out of your hand by the school bully arenow a fond and distant memory. But all that’s about to change, becauselosing your dinner money is back! And you don’t even have to go to schoolanymore. Now, there’s a new, more hip way for everyone to get mugged –cybercrime!

Vietnamese characters enable scammers to impersonate the websites of legitimate organisations

Posted By PasswordCoach 600 days ago on Security - Scammers are now using near-miss Vietnamese characters to register spoofdomains and impersonate the websites of legitimate organisations. Be on thelook out for dots underneath characters in website addresses and links.

3 Fun Facts that Show Why Most Password Policies Don’t Work

Posted By PasswordCoach 339 days ago on Security - We’ve Reviewed the Password Policies of Some of the English-SpeakingWorld’s Most Popular Websites, and You’ll Be Surprised at What We Found…

6 Fun Facts from Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Report (No really. They are fun)

Posted By PasswordCoach 851 days ago on Security - Six of the best fun facts from the 2017 Verizon Data Breach InvestigationsReport. Use them to prioritise your own security training :-)

Make sure that the bad guys aren’t the only ones checking that your Java install is up-to-date

Posted By PasswordCoach 593 days ago on Security - If your version of Java isn't up to date, then you could be at risk ofattack by cybercriminals. It will only takes a minute, but now would be agood time to check if you have Java configured for automatic updates.Instructions provided.

Possible WordPress Vulnerabilities and How to Fix Them

Posted By wpnewsify 213 days ago on Security - Hackers and third-party malicious actors find WordPress a good target to exploit. In this article, we will be exploring the possible WordPress vulnerabilities and also learn how to fix them.

How long before we are being fined for having lame passwords?

Posted By PasswordCoach 850 days ago on Security - We've been slack about password security for ever, but the recent miraihacker attack on internet-connected devices means that legislation forcingus all to get better at security might be around the corner.

Tweetmerge — A mailmerge for Twitter

Posted By PasswordCoach 117 days ago on Security - Ever wished you could schedule a bunch of tweets to whole list ofrecipients? If yes, this post is for you. Tweetmerge is a simple (realsimple) mailmerge for twitter. Check this tutorial to create a whole seriesof tweets based on a template tweet and a mailing list of twitter handles.