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How we blocked zero-day malware attacks on websites using NAXSI firewall

Posted By man1056 1661 days ago on Security - Unlike other kinds of attacks, defense against a zero-day attack is harder because no official patch or notification would be available from the vendor. We use unique characteristics of such attacks to block similar exploit attempts on servers under our care.

Doing a home inspection? Then now would be a good time to change your wireless router’s default password.

Posted By PasswordCoach 876 days ago on Security - Selling your home? Still using the wireless router’s default password? Cananyone inspecting your property easily see that password? Sticking with therouter’s default password is bad security practice, but showing it tostrangers is especially risky.

You’re not responsible for using dangerous passwords. But the business is…

Posted By PasswordCoach 821 days ago on Security - If you fail to use a secure password, it's not your fault. It's the faultof the business that asked you for the password.Phew. That's a weight off.

6 Basic Tips For Better Home Security

Posted By RealtyWW 1103 days ago on Security - Better home security is something we could all benefit from and is just about making some small tweaks here or there. Here are some tips on how to improve yours from Irish security company

Scammers are using international characters to impersonate legitimate cryptocurrency websites and steal your stuff

Posted By PasswordCoach 819 days ago on Security - Scammers are creating phoney phishing websites using look-a-likeinternational characters - a flavour of cybercrime called a homographattack. The goal of the attack is to steal your credentials and disappearwith your bitcoin and cryptocurrency tokens.

Upgrade Your Home Security With A Biometric Door Lock

Posted By RealtyWW 1100 days ago on Security - Technology is forever improving the way we live our lives. This is apparent in all areas and security is no exception. While fingerprint technology may still seem like science fiction or something that is only seen in the movies, it has become a reality for use in the home or business. A biometric door lock is the most convenient and secure option for allowing only those with authorization in and everyone else out.

10 Useful Resources to Learn About WordPress Security

Posted By wpnewsify 812 days ago on Security - Most of us rely on a complex security plugin and a little bit of good luck. That’s not bad, but it’s not enough. You have to stay up-to-date on what’s new in the web-security world and learn WordPress security.

Find the Best CCNA Training Institute for Your Networking Career

Posted By neerajrawat1 1691 days ago on Security - The world of Networks is very big and we all are part of it. CISCO is the industry leader for networking which provides so many certifications in this vast domain. There are multiple certifications available from CISCO in different domains though the basic one and commonly known is CCNA. Now CCNA can also be done in different domains but the first one to go with is CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) in R & S (Routing and Switching).