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Traveling While Fat (or Tall): A Tale of Not Fitting in Southeast Asia

Posted By TeamHazardRides 239 days ago on Travel - Some of the coolest things to do require being in good physical shape. Some fat people are in good shape, some are not. We started this journey in the 'not' category. The trick is to be smart about your abilities. Don't be afraid to try things that push your limits, but some activities may not be right for you at this point in time. Talk to your guides, discuss options and ask for help if you need it. The post Traveling While Fat (or Tall): A Tale of Not Fitting in Southeast Asia appeared first on Team Hazard Rides Again.

Thingyan – Myanmar’s Water Festival

Posted By TeamHazardRides 239 days ago on Travel - The thing is, we found that people were thrilled to have us there. They were excited to share their party with foreigners (of which there were very few). We got hugs and people wanting to talk to us. They loved taking pictures and showing off for the camera. Over the four days of the festival, I received three spontaneous kisses on the cheek. The post Thingyan – Myanmar’s Water Festival appeared first on Team Hazard Rides Again.

Toraja Funerals – Life, Death and Mummies in Indonesia

Posted By TeamHazardRides 240 days ago on Travel - The people of Toraja, Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi have an amazing approach to death. Funerals last four days and take years to plan, during which time the dead remain in the home; animals are sacrificed and hundreds of people attend. Corpses of ancestors are removed from their cliffside graves and re-dressed regularly. Even the baby graves of the past have an amazing story.

We toured the region with a local who showed us everything - and we share it with you.

Kaihalulu Beach/Red Sand Beach - Maui, Hawaii

Posted By kperaka 807 days ago on Travel - Kaihalulu Beach, commonly known as Red Sand Beach, is a beautiful secluded cove on the eastern coast of Maui, just south of Hana Bay. Getting to this beach is a small adventure by itself but the reward waiting in the end is jaw-dropping. This isolated beach, yet so close to Hana town, is well worth a visit on a "road to Hana" drive. Red Sand Beach - Maui, Hawaii It was a little tricky finding the trailhead as there were no signs pointing towards the direction of the beach. Th [...]