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Traffic Generation for Websites

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This group discusses different methods of generating traffic to your website or affiliate link. Includes ppc, ppv, social (twitter, FB), and email marketing. Join and submit your content.

41 Experts Share their Secrets on How to Effectively Promote Blog Posts

Posted By christopherjanb 348 days ago on Blogging - Do you want to boost your blog traffic? Then learn the tricks of the trade on how to promote blog posts from the some of the experts featured here.

What Is SEM About? What Is SemRush OR

Posted By albojko 391 days ago on Marketing - What Is SEM About? What Is SemRush And The Company’s Main Purpose? SemRush is an online advertising agency that came to light in 2008 and succeeded in its primary mission and/or goal to make an already competitive marketplace fairer, by providing everyone online a competitive edge or share in the marketplace. It all started out …

Shmokiads! What Is ShmokiAds? A Waste!

Posted By albojko 404 days ago on Reviews - ShmokiAds or Shmoki Ads ( is a digital banner and pop under network based in Bulgaria that provides both publishers and advertisers a chance to expand their brand. They provide a network where they match a publisher’s website to advertiser’s ads to reach a common goal, so they can both benefit. What is posting ads …

Is Lucktastic A Scam? After All It’s FREE!

Posted By albojko 406 days ago on Mobile - I’m reviewing the Lucktastic app and by looking at it, it’s got a catchy slogan “Luck is Fantastic,” the apps very simple and straightforward. The app is appealing in overall design and looks quite glitzy. Lucktastic is an application specifically made for IPhones and Android phones, that allows its users to play scratch games online …

A Review Of The One And Only Music Xray! Is It A Scam?

Posted By albojko 406 days ago on Music - My review will simply cover the site Music Xray or, a site that I was recently referred to which claims that they’ll pay you to listen to music online for free, simple enough. Well I certainly loved the idea of listening to music and getting paid for it as I’m an opportunity seeker, as opportunities …

What Is The Best Affiliate Programs? Can It Be Jaaxy?

Posted By albojko 406 days ago on SEO - What is the best affiliate programs and why? Can It Be Jaaxy? I can tell you for one reason right off the bat and that’s Jaaxy, the ultimate keyword research tool ever developed! It’s not very difficult to implement and it’s incredibly simple to utilize, the tool’s very precise in how it acquires its data …

5 Ways to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendlier

Posted By christopherjanb 505 days ago on WebSites - Building a mobile-friendly website is not that hard, but misconceptions about the process are quite rampant. Making a site mobile friendly means, you are doing cross-platform development. It’s complex, but there are little workarounds that make the whole process a lot easier to comprehend. Here are several such easy ways to make your site mobile friendly and relevant: