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Blogs that related to fitness, nutrition and working out. Catering to different demographics and genders. Online and face to face programs.

Why your detox will fail... and how to make it a success

Posted By SomeGood on Health - Many people look for a detox diet and hope that it will make them feel better. But without understanding what you are detoxing from you are likely to fail. In this blog we cover the 3 REALMS OF HEALTH, and then look at how they are interconnected to help you plan and and deliver a detox diet made up of more than shakes that actually deliver an uplift in overall health

Secrets of Maintaining Healthy Bones: The Ultimate Guide

Posted By smartseoblogger 405 days ago on Health - If you picture the bones and entire skeletal structure as the framework that keeps the body rigid and upright, that should give you an idea just how important the bones are, and why it’s of utmost importance that you keep them healthy always.

To help us appreciate the role of the bones, we have to understand its basic functions first.
Functions of The Bones

Most often, people think about vital body organs like the heart, kidneys or livers, without sparing so much thought for the bones, except when they’ve been in an accident and have suffered a broken bone.

It’s curious, you see, because your bones are not less important than the other organs of your body.

In fact, these other organs are all protected by the bones.

They are shielded and kept in place, so to speak, by the r

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: The Ultimate Guide

Posted By smartseoblogger 407 days ago on Health - You must have heard the old saying before: Health is Wealth. With sound health, there’s no limit to what you can achieve and get done.
Good health is priceless. That much is obvious. However, it has been elusive to millions of people. Most people battle debilitating health conditions every day. Thus the fun of being alive is sapped.
According to its report titled, Dying For Change, the WHO underlines poverty and lack of education as the principal cause of illnesses among millions of people.

But that report was carried out focusing on the third world.

But rich people are also sick, aren’t they?

People in advanced societies with access to major health care also have serious health crisis.

The bug of ill-health is everywhere.

So let’s not worry about the financial status of

Health Hack: 5 a day, RDAs, and other myths debunked

Posted By SomeGood 575 days ago on Health - With so much misinformation around we critically break down whether 5 a day makes sense, whether recommended daily amounts are somewhat pulled out of a hat, and discuss a new approach to ensuring your body gets what it needs in an age where food quality is at best 'not what it used to be'

Cocoa or Cacao? Supercharge your Chocolate!

Posted By SomeGood 621 days ago on Health - When cacao first broke onto the scene a few years ago I honestly thought that it was a pronunciation issue with a hefty price tag, but over the past year as I’ve been taking more consideration over my health I have learned otherwise.....