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Hey everyone my name is William and, of course, I am new here to Blog Engage. First off a little background:

I was born and raised in Pasadena, CA and have lived in the same home my entire life. I was always a very hyperactive kid, so I tried pretty much every sport. I eventually stuck with competitive swimming, and for the next 10 years I was an avid swimmer. This meant hours of practice a day, 5 am workouts, and often two practices in a day.

I enjoyed this for a long while, and it fortified a discipline and mental strength in me that is still present. Outside of the pool, however, I tended to struggle. Throughout my preteen and early teen years, my hyperactivity continued to run rampant. I didn’t like school, had trouble paying attention, and was somewhat of a social deviant; I had some weird neuroses that stemmed from being hyperactive and dissatisfied with the school environment. I wasn’t criminal by any means, but I didn’t fit in with the expected social profiles required to have many friends.

My frustrating school life combined with a lack of peer acceptance contributed to my general unhappiness. Luckily I had my athletic outlets to help keep me centered through these times.

I was always intelligent so high school was easy enough, despite the fact that I was still directionless in school and generally lost. What did I want to do with my life? What were my hobbies? What did I like? I had no idea. College seemed to be the general consensus for everybody around me, and having no idea about my future, I just went with it. I got into a good liberal arts school and left home.

My sense of hopelessness and lack of direction continued in college, but I was once again able to filter all of the frustration into swimming and my other athletic endeavors.

It wasn’t until I started researching my problems and exploring outside of school that I finally discovered my passion: Entrepreneurship. Sure, I was likely more enthralled with the idea of entrepreneurship at the time, because it represented something so antithetical to school.

The freedom that entrepreneurship provides, the opportunity to create, innovate, and make an impact on the world, were the factors that really sparked my enthusiasm. Finally I understood that I didn’t have to fit the mold, that there were other possibilities out there. Here was something that I had a passion for, and something that had the potential to change lives on a massive scale. This period of my life has been monumental.

And so that brings me to now. I started my website Young Tenacity to give advice to teens and young men on something that has had a huge impact on the direction of their lives: Their education. I want to show them that success on an aberrant path can be achieved, and that they too can make their lives as free and boundless as they allow.

Seeing the possibilities in one’s life, however attainable they may be, is a start. It changed my life, and I am determined to see it through to the end.

I hope you all will comment and let me know how Blog Engage has been for you, or if you have any tips for a young whippersnapper like me. Thanks and I look forward to engaging with many of you.

P.S. I just created a new group called “Everything Self-Improvement”. If anybody has a related blog or niche I encourage you to join!


William is a student, aspiring entrepreneur, and owner of the blog Young Tenacity, a motivational/educational blog for young guys about mindset, college, and the educational system. He would love it if you followed him on Twitter @WilliamHepner and added him as a friend on Blog Engage at WilliamHepner.

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