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I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Larry James and I am a web designer from Bowmanville, Ontario. This is my first guest post. It is a big step for me because I have never written a guest post for Blog Engage, or for any other site before. If you have written guest posts before, try to remember how excited you were to write your first article that was to be published on someone else’s blog.

I just joined Blog Engage today, after receiving my free Blog Engage account for publishing an article about Blog Engage. The main reason I decided to join Blog Engage was because it was free! The article I wrote hints to the other reason I join Blog Engage. It is because I wanted to increase the readership of my blog. I blog about web design, and I was having a hard time producing articles because I did not have any readers. I had a little bit of traffic coming to my website daily, but this was all new visitors coming to my site without leaving a comment, or signing up for my newsletter. I installed commentluv, but I was not getting any comments. I wrote an ebook, and offered it as a free download to help build a list, but I was not getting any subscribers. Let me tell you it is very hard to stay motivated when there does not seem to be anyone reading your blog.

I realize that not everyone needs help with putting up a website. WordPress has made the process very simple. I also know that I have skills and knowledge that I could offer local businesses who are just learning how to build a blog.

I discovered Blog Engage on Twitter, and I new that I had something to offer the members of this community. I followed the site and watched as it grew into one the biggest community of bloggers on the web. When I was introduced to Brian Belfitt I took a liking to him right away. I thought this guy is either a very good guy, or a very good marketer….either way I am in.

I am very happy to Β have joined Blog Engage. I feel that I am on the road to success and I look forward to being a part of this community. I hope to build the readership of my blog, increase the comments on blog, build some backlinks, and most of all, make some friends also the way.

I invite you to leave a comment with some encouragement for me, and tell me how Blog Engage has helped you and your blog.

About Larry James

My name is Larry James, I am a web designer and blogger. I like to write how to articles and produce video tutorials that will help you build your website and develop your blog. If you enjoy my articles you can read more of my articles or add me as a friend larryjam

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