As a Blogger, you  always thought of improving the ranking of your Blog in the SERP’s. You may have work hard for increasing your Google PR and decreasing your Alexa rank.

Getting traffic to your Blog is almost your top priority (after making money from Blog). Technorati will give you all these advantages.  Submitting your Blog to Technorati is just an additional effort in your Blog Success. Almost all the Successful Bloggers had submitted their Blog their and if you want to see yourself in this list, Start Today

What is Technorati?

Technorati is popularly named as the search Engine of Blogs and is one of the biggest Blog Directories.  It indexes more than 100 million Blogs, rank them and prepare a list of Top Blogs in the World. Technorati rates each Blog authority according to the number of Unique blogs linking to a Blog in a last 6 months. It categories a Blog according to the Tags specified by the Site Owners while Registering on Technorati. Category specific list of Top 10 Blogs is also prepared by it.

Benefits of Submitting Blog to Technorati ?

#1 Your Blog might be listed in the top 100 Blogs in the World. Isn’t it amazing?

#2 You will receive extra traffic to your site. And if your Blog is listed in Top 10 Blog in your Niche, then your Blog traffic tremendously increases.

#3 Technorati is the most reputable Website in Blogosphere. Listed their will have a greater impact on the Quality of your Blog.

$3 Technorati will give you some additional Email subscribers to your mailing list.

How to Submit Blog to Technorati?

It’s a very simple procedure and is free. So Let’s Get it started

1) First, Click on Join and Register for a free account at Technorati and then login with your username and password

2) Complete your profile and at the bottom, you will see a option of “Start a Blog Claim”. Insert your blog URL there and click Claim.

3) In your account section, fill all the required details regarding your Blog Title, Description, Categories and tags. Specifically fill the tags section as it will rank according to it.

4) Check out your mail then. You will be receiving an email from Technorati in which you have your Blog Claim Token which is a random Generated text.

5) Now you have to go to your site admin and make a Fresh new post (either publish your next article and add this Token in the content or make a new post specifically for this).

6) Make sure your Blog generates feeds as Technorati uses feeds to verify the presence of claim token.

7) When you are done with claiming process, you can remove the Post you published specifically for Technorati or remove the Token in the content you inserted in any other post.

8) When you are done, click on verify claim token. It usually takes 3 days to verify your Blog in Technorati Blog Directory.

Hope you find the article Informative. So if you had not submitted yet, start today. It will only take 15-20 minutes and you will move a step ahead in your Blog success. Do let me know if you have any Problem while claiming your Blog in Technorati or suggest any other Quality directories for blog Submission.

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