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When I first started writing online, the idea of reading an e-book was still in its infancy. At that time, they were nothing more than fancy reports. And the idea of a work of fiction was still unknown. They were all non-fiction works that had something to do with either ways of making money online or how to start a website (which was still being done old school).

Today’s online publishing industry is light years ahead of the days of simple PDF reports and information packed e-books. Thanks to companies such as and Barnes and Noble, we are now in the age of the full-fledged electronic publications. So how do we turn this into an online niche? By dissecting the industry as a whole and focusing on the individual sections.


It was what put the e-book on the map. And the informational piece is still as popular as it was 10+ years ago. The difference is the way they’re put together. Though there are a lot of people out there who want to write a great e-book, they either don’t know how to get started or they try and fail. Where should they start? Where can they find the best information? This is the type of stuff that almost everyone in the industry wants to know.


There was a time when die-hard fiction fans swore they’d never read their books in paperless form. But thanks to the influx of gadgets such as the Kindle and the Nook, those same fans are reading more than ever before. This section alone could be turned into a niche all on its own. Now that they’re so easy to obtain, everyone who ever dreamed of writing that next great novel can do so and have it in the hands of thousands of readers without the worry of having it rejected by all the major publishing houses.


Because of the number of fiction e-books coming out each year, there has been a huge surge of online publishers making their mark on the world. Some are as rigid as the mainstream publishers, while others will publish almost anything just to have a catalog of manuscripts for the public to buy from. Some work only in specific genre, while others will publish works of fiction of just about any genre.


The one thing that still holds true with e-books and physical publications alike is marketing and promotions. Even with an e-book, you can’t sell anything if the public doesn’t know it exists. However, unlike the traditional methods, promoting an e-book doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. There are hundreds of cheap/free ways of promoting a book online. Many authors create entire websites dedicated to each title. Other ways include hosting Virtual Blog Tours and holding giveaways on various giveaway sites. How many other ways can you think of to promote a book?

The online publishing niche is hot right now. And with all the different publishers coming online and gadgets being created to read e-books, it’s only going to get hotter. It’s a very broad spectrum that has unlimited potential. What else can you think of that would work for this niche?


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Hi I'm Christine of Graves Publications. I've spent the past 20+ years in the writing industry, most of which has been done online. A large portion of my writing career has been spent in the fiction genre, but I've spent the past 4 years ghostwriting for the SEO blogging community. If you want to hang out with me, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, G+, or right here on BlogEngage.

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