User experience is everything when it comes to the Internet, and yet it’s a nebulous term that not many people understand. This will cover what user experience is and what makes great UX design. User

Experience Defined

Many people want to know what is user experience?

Also known as UX, this is a branch of digital design dedicated to making a website or app function for people. When Internet design first became a thing, people were only focused on getting their websites to work. This time has long since passed and now people are looking for websites that function well on a human level.

According to UX design experts at Adobe “To build truly human-centered user experiences, we need to understand how humans work and that requires a degree of focus on psychology” Have you ever noticed that some websites just seem to flow seamlessly? That all the tools, graphics and effects work together and draw you in?

This would be an example of good UX design. Great UX design requires many layers, and the less you notice it, the better it is. In short, this refers to making the website or app work for you in a way that’s intuitive, unobstructive and visually pleasing.


An intuitive UX design is one that takes your choices and thoughts into consideration. A great example is a banking app. Some brick and mortar banks still have apps that are largely built just to keep up with the times. Much like the website design of yesteryear where you just need it to work, these apps are built without an intuitive design. Navigating can be painful and it’s hard to find exactly what you want. You may even find a number of other settings and tools that you don’t need. This can be contrasted with an intuitive banking app.

This is found commonly with top-ranked banks and many smaller banks trying to make a splash with their excellent online capabilities. These apps are fast, responsive and they put all the features you want front and center. A great UX design knows what you’re looking for and makes it easy to get there. It also makes it easy to go back and to navigate anywhere else you like.

Visually Appealing

Functionality is a huge part of great UX design, but users are vain and want their website or app to look good as well. Creating a digital asset that is purely functional is boring. It might be fast and intuitive, but people won’t gravitate towards it if the interface looks ugly or boring. You need a smooth, sleek and brand-appropriate design that works with your company. It should match the colors of your company and the feel of it. Grasping the feel can be difficult, but that’s why you need to understand your audience.

Would they prefer a digital asset that’s more utilitarian, one with some flair or one that looks modern and minimalist? A great UX designer will be able to pick up on this and craft a design that works for your company. On top of engaging with your website, this will keep people coming back for more. A great user experience will ensure your audience keeps returning to see your content, use your tools and buy your product.


You may have noticed that your favorite apps and websites seem to know what you want. It almost seems magical. This is why people watch videos for hours or spend large chunks of their day on social media. The digital assets are predicting what people want. If you want this type of power over your audience, then you need to connect them with the next thing they want. It doesn’t matter if you’re offering a service, selling a product or a free online tool.

The best way to keep people engaged is to connect them exactly where they want to go. Understands the User You may have noticed by now, but great UX design relies on knowing the user. While some estimates or guesswork might be made, the majority of this is based on real data. The best UX designs are based on knowing your client and that comes from studying them. You need to collect information on your audience to know what they want.

You have to listen and find out what tools they want, what features they want more than others, what colors they like and so on. A great UX designer will already have an idea of what people like, but each business needs a special touch that gets everything just right. If you want everything to go right, then you must collect data on your users. This can be used to overhaul your current design and to continue to enhance it.


Great UX design keeps your users engaged and is visually stunning while doing it. While traditional design is still important, it must all be geared towards the user. You must understand what they want and to put it front and center. If you can do that, then you’ve got a successful digital asset on your hands.


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