Are you looking to create a website that is fun with a touch of elegance, but still have a professional feel to it. Or if you have a business that has a fun and artsy feel, you need a site that has that same feel but, still look professional.

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that looks good and but still is fun, then I have a great looking theme for you. Elegant Themes created the Webly theme to give website owners a website that is unique and fun for everyone, but still have all the great features that come with owning an Elegant Themes Theme.

Four Unique Color Schemes

Webly comes with five different color options to choose from.

Page Templates

The theme comes with different page templates. This makes it easy to choose the right look and feel of each page.

Optional Blog-Style Structure

If you are looking for traditional blog structured layout, you can enable that option. Or you can stick with the default abbreviated post structure.

Automatic Thumbnail Resizing

Webly uses timthumb for automatic resizing of thumbnail images. This way you only have to upload one thumbnail and the different sizes are setup for you.

For more information about Webly and to try out the theme, check out the information page.


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