Vertex theme from Elegant Themes is one of the best premium WordPress themes out there. It is actually a great theme for service providers that who want to showcase their products and the services.

Vertex Theme Features

The Vertex theme is one of the most versatile and flexible WordPress theme there is. The most impressive part of the theme is the stunning looking homepage with stunning images in the background which actually lets your visitors engage with your site and you can equally showcase your services to a whole new level.

At the very top, you will find a very attractive looking menu which acts as a very good navigational guide for incoming readers and potential customers.


As you scroll down the homepage, you are greeted with different types of animated content including your portfolio section. You will also come across a great looking animated fully responsive content slider which supports both images and text. The slider is actually very helpful when it comes to showcasing your best works.

The homepage also consists of a great looking animated testimonial section. The images have special effects when you hover over them and their testimonials also appear just above them automatically.

The theme also has a custom blog page which lets you display all your posts in a blog style format. It also has a separate portfolio page which lets you showcase all your services and skills. The Vertex theme is actually a great choice for small business owners and service providers.

In terms of page templates, the Vertex theme also has a separate image gallery page which lets you display all your images in a single page with some nice animation effects.

You can also create a custom team page on your site which highlights your team members and the domains they are expert in.

Shortcodes Support

One of the main reasons Elegant Themes is so popular is because of their wide range of shortcodes support. You can actually create lots of stuff by using the shortcodes which includes pricing charts, tabbed content, column width contents, colorful buttons, content slider, image slideshow , tooltips, social media buttons and even password protecting your content.


You can buy the Vertex theme and acquire all the other Elegant themes for only $39. You don’t need any other framework. All of the functions are controlled by a separate ePanel. Buy it and install it and you’re good to go. So, make sure you check it out as I highly recommend it.

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