When it comes to marketing, tracking links is one of the most important task that you need to undertake. With ClickMeter you can do 4 things with your links. You can target visitors where they yield the best conversion rates. You can track views, clicks and conversions. You can monitor broken links, click frauds, latency and blacklists. You can also share your links with clients, partners and coworkers.

Track all your Online Classified Ads

Why Use ClickMeter ?

ClickMeter offers 4 kinds of profile – Agencies, Affiliates, Advertisers and Publishers. The Agency profile is mostly suited for web-marketing agencies. You have multiple options. You can consolidate multiple platforms to one. You can track conversions, shortening link, A/B test and also redirect url. You can also monitor and compare campaigns for all of your clients in one place. You can also share your real-time results to our customers. You can also make proper optimization to your campaigns. You will have all the traffic details from which you can understand what is working and why. You can also identify and prevent bad traffic from corrupting campaigns performance.


As an affiliate, you can track all your links and commissions in one place. It takes only 5 mins to get it setup. You can also hide your destination url, protect your commission codes and keyword lists. You can also track your sales conversion. ClickMeter also gives you the privilege of shortening your url and customize them with your domain names. The platform is extremely reliable and has 99.9% uptime since it’s hosted on Amazon Web Service. You will be able to recognize clicks from genuine users. ClickMeter has an internal filtering system which filters out clicks by web spiders and bots. You can also do A/B split test with multiple destination urls and find out which one is the best message. You will also have access to realtime reports.


Pricing is reasonably convenient when you consider the facilities that you get. You can have a free account when you are looking at only 1000 events per month. You will also have 100+ features, affiliate marketing tools and also full excel report export. The Medium plan with the lowest no. of events comes with $19/month. The price increases as you go for higher higher no. of events. The standard price of Large Account is $99/month. Similarly, price increases as you increase no. of events. The X-Large comes with a price of $349/month and the no. of events go up to millions.


You can also use their Tour option to find out all the features. All of their features are designed to the help you increase your sales conversion. ClickMeter comes with a Dashboard KPI which will help you discover at a glance how your marketing campaigns are going. They also have e-mail and audio notifications. You can get notifications whenever a specific event happens. Other than that you also get customizable timeframe. You can analyse reports in different timeframes which provide more clarity.

So, make sure you check out ClickMeteras it’s really cool.

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