Forum marketing offers valuable SEO benefits. At the same time, it should be mentioned that forum marketing entails more than just getting links or promotions. Rather, it revolves around enhancing your image and credibility within a specific user community. While it may bring in additional visitors in the short-terms, the practice of dropping links across a forum will result in your being perceived as a spammer within the community and that your presence was there solely for the link. Nevertheless, it does not mean that providing a link in your post is taboo. Instead, this is an allowance must be used with plenty of discretion, if you want to make the most of it.

Here are some handy hints while forum marketing:

Not short-term

Forum marketing is not short-term in nature. It’s not about just visiting a couple of forums and posting only when a new product is being launched. Forum marketing instead is about building long-term relationships and fostering trust over a period of time. It follows that visiting some of the leading forums on a regular basis to check for new posts that you can add value to or contribute information about, is recommended. Your sales won’t rise dramatically in the short-term, but you’re setting up a veritable position for yourself as a reputed resource within your specific industry or community.

Pay attention to details

Irrespective of the forum’s environment – causal or formal- remember never to undermine it when making an official post related to your business. Maintain a professional tone in your forum interactions always. Information such as user name, photographs etc, should be in keeping with the business essence. Include all necessary details about yourself in your official profile. You may give the sales-pitch a skip here, but remember to incorporate details on aspects related to the forum content. Also, before submitting a post, ensure that you have reviewed each post thoroughly and done a spelling and grammar check, before publishing it.

Forums differ

It’s likely that there may be many forums within your specific industry. It doesn’t imply that you have to seriously track everyone. Just be a sprinkling of them may really matter. A good way to decide would be to look in the numbers.  The crème forums generally have a minimum of thousand members and a relatively good volume of fresh posts, which indicate the vibrancy of the community.

To conclude, forum marketing is a very important medium for engaging with your niche audiences and also building up a reputation within the industry. Judicious use and an unbiased approach towards information and opinion sharing on a regular basis, will help you make the most of it.

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