A blog can be a very profitable tool for your business. Some people even make their living out of blogging.

However, thousands of people start blogs only to abandon them because they are not successful. What many prospective bloggers fail to realize is that blogging is an art—it takes hard work and persistence to succeed.

By understanding what makes people NOT read your blog, you stand a better chance of creating the kind of blog that people cannot wait to read.

• Boring content

If your blog is boring, you will not have readers. No one wants to read mundane details of your life or business. Find ways to keep your blog fresh and creative and you will notice a difference in the number of people reading your blog.

• Inexperienced blogger

If your blog is for business purposes then you need an experienced blogger. Letting a newbie write your professional blog can result in your blog looking and sounding unprofessional. Even a personal blog will get more readers with a professional approach.

• Bad design and inaccessible

To make your blog “pop”, you need more than just a free template. Invest in customizing the appearance of your blog to make it visually appealing to readers. Remember to keep your blog accessible. If your blog is hard to access, it will be ignored. Readers do not want to dig through links and pages to read your blog. Consider installing an online survey software widget to let readers tell you what they think about your layout.

• Outdated content

If your blog promises the latest news then make sure you keep your promises. Readers will stop reading if your content is old and/or rarely updated. Readers want the latest information and if they cannot find it on your blog, they will find it elsewhere. Post on your blog regularly and keep the content new and exciting.

• Not being social

Blogging is a social activity. To gain readership, you have to keep things social by posting content that contains links to other bloggers. In return, other bloggers will post links to your blog and your audience will grow. Posting only about yourself and/or business provides no avenues for outside promotion of your blog.

• Lack of conversational posts

If your blog posts only state facts and information then your readers will not comment. Your posts need to encourage reader comments and feedback. Reader participation is a great tool for increasing the popularity of your blog because people love to voice their opinions.

• An unpopular niche

Even the best bloggers struggle to create a successful blog in an unpopular niche. Choosing the niche for your blog is more than just picking a popular topic. People are already blogging about popular topics, which will only increase your competition. Choose a niche that you are familiar with, start your blog and then “drill down”—narrow your focus to one particular aspect.
Blogging is an art but it is an art that can be learned by almost anyone. A successful blog is much more than just random babbling. Pay attention to the finer points of blogging to ensure the success of your blog.


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