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Though all bloggers are writers on some level, there are those out there who fit the term just a little more than most. One of those is kidlit author, Holly Jahangiri. With more than 20 years experience under her belt, Holly’s managed to write in some of the toughest fields to date. These includes everything from technical writing to fiction and poetry.

Holly says she’s been known to channel the spirits of great authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, Erma Bombeck, and O. Henry. However her biggest inspirations are her two children and her husband who she says has the patience of a saint.

Holly has written several books over the past few years. She’s written two children’s books titled Trockle and A Puppy, Not A Guppy. She’s also co-authored several short story books meant for older readers. Hidden Lies And Other Stories is a collaboration between Holly and Vivian Gilbert Zabel and is mostly short crime and mystery based pieces.

Another collaboration that includes Holly’s work is a poetry chapbook called Walking The Earth, Life’s Perspectives In Poetry. Holly’s piece, “Awaiting The Thaw”, is an eloquent journey through the four seasons. Her latest piece is an e-book titled Innocents & Demons. A book of short stories that range from the mythical to the psychological.

Throughout her blog, you’ll find a wide variety of posts. And though there are a few that deal with the technical side of writing and blogging, most are fun and inspiring pieces that come from various writing challenges and Holly’s own personal experiences. Her blog is fun, upbeat, and a cool place to hang out. Think of yourself as a lexophile? Challenge yourself on Holly’s Wordplay page. Play her word match-up game or use her word of the day in one of your own blog posts.

There are several ways to keep up with Holly and all her writing endeavors. The most obvious way is to subscribe to her RSS feeds. But you might also follow her on Facebook so you’ll know when she’s posted elsewhere, or on her Twitter account to see updates on some of her upcoming short stories and children’s books.

Though we may all think of ourselves as writers in one form or another, there are those out there who take it just a little further and Holly Jahangiri is one of them. Stop by her site or check out any of her books through or Smashwords. Though it may seem like child’s play, there is nothing childish about being a children’s author.


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