Email marketing is one of the most uber-effective ways to promote your blog, but the real task involved is getting your readers to embrace your email newsletters. Why is this important? Because many people may read your blog, but sometimes they need an external reminder to visit and see the content you’ve created.

As a blogger, if you can build an email list that promotes what you’ve written, what you’re going to write, and what people had to say in your comments section, you’ll retain readers over the long run. Here are the top seven ways to build a blogging newsletter campaign:

1. Obtain permission before anything else – If you need to have this explained to you, then your blog’s email marketing efforts are already an epic fail so you might as well give up. It’s the law, so live up to the highest email practice standards or just relegate yourself to the dregs of spammers and similar scam artists.

2. Welcome your new subscriber – You have to thank your blog readers that take the step to become your email newsletter subscribers for trusting you with their email address which is a possession that is highly prized by them… and one they do not give up readily. Your new subscriber needs to know when they can expect their first email newsletters, what they will look like and the type of content they will contain. Frequency expectations are the most difficult to nail down across the board, so let your customer be the carpenter and allow them to choose through your Preference Center how often they will receive your email newsletters.

3. Ask only for what you’re going to use – Many bloggers’ email subscription forms ask for more detail than filling out a police clearance form and house mortgage combined, then they wonder why so many readers click onto their opt-in forms only to click away seconds later. Don’t be a creepizoid when creating your sign-up forms and ask for all sorts of personal details. All you need at the opt-in stage is the name, email address, and if you’re doing any form of geographic targeting, the zip code. Allow your subscriber to provide more information voluntarily through your Preference Center, surveys, and polls.

4. Incentivize the whitelisting – It seems that every day brings news of a new filter implemented by an email service to automatically dump anything that even remotely seems to the programmers as spam into junk folders. This trend makes it more imperative than ever to not only inform your subscribers to place your email newsletter’s incoming email address on a whitelist but provide them a valuable motivation to do so: sneak peeks to your upcoming blogs; a VIP invite to a webcast or podcast; inside exclusive information… whatever it takes!

5. Learn when you’re saying too much – You have just a handful of seconds to get your blog’s point across in an email newsletter so you have to truly edit yourself to the point where you are concise and impactful. If you are accustomed to writing entire tomes in your periodic newsletters, save the verbiage for your blog and condense your email missives down to the absolute minimum that will still allure and attract your subscriber.

6. Mobile is not just the future, it’s the present – The mobile revolution has effectively already occurred and the smartphone and tablet crowd has won. As of the end of this year, more emails are expected to be opened on mobile web-enabled devices than on desktops and laptops combined! Your email marketing has to incorporate the proper design, layout, and technical capabilities to be equally well-displayed on giant 27” desktop monitors as well as tiny 3.5” smartphone screens.

7. Test, test, and then test some more – There is literally no end to what you can test and how much you can test it, as well as the value of the data you will obtain through this commitment to testing. You can implement a wide variety of testing methodologies ranging from the very simple A/B Split where you send identical email newsletters to a specific segmentation of your list but half containing an element (such as a subject line or headline) set up one way and the other half the other way; to the much more complex multivariate forms of testing where you have a variety of elements which are compared against each other in the same email newsletter.

The bloggers that offer multiple points of contact for readers hold a significant advantage over bloggers that simply post and think the promotion part is done. Use these seven tips to continuously add newsletter subscribers, and you’ll see your traffic steadily rise over time.


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