I’m Jimi Jones and I will be contributing to the BlogEngage experience and helping you promote your fine work. As I look around I see many familiar faces, which reminds me of why I love the digital life.

It’s all about networking and relationship building as we work to build our individual brands and spread our influence and knowledge. There is no magic to it, just the shared experience of involvement with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

This brings me to my topic for this, my first post here on the BlogEngage blog.

The Importance of Networking

Whether you are blogging for business or a hobby, networking is about making connections with individuals or groups. These connections often lead to long-term relationships that benefit those involved on a professional level by presenting both social and business opportunities.

The act of networking is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that can be undertaken. This mutually agreeable activity can spread your message exponentially and pay dividends for years to come, often serving as a catalyst for your careers.

Without the development of a strong circle of contacts, your growth and movement toward success will be much slower than it can otherwise be if you simply engage others and contribute to a larger community. Much of what takes place is the natural occurrence of reciprocity where you will often get out what you put in.

Looking out for others and helping them in ways that benefit their missions nearly always causes folks to want to help you as well.

This may all sound like a simple process, but networking can be difficult for some who are apprehensive about reaching out to others. It’s an uncomfortable position for many for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is, it just goes against some people’s personality.

Quick story

I was once a somewhat introverted personality that was terrified of speaking in public. Oh my goodness, what will people think of me, is the question that was foremost in my mind back then. But one day I simply realized that it really didn’t matter, I was over-thinking a situation and handicapping myself in the process.

People simply want to know what you are about and what your values are. Do you in any way support their mission in life?

Once I realized the simplistic nature of reaching out and helping others while helping myself, my past fears dissipated, seeming almost silly and causing me to wonder why I felt that way to begin with. 🙂

In any case, my point is this. Allow the law of attraction to work on your behalf by surrounding yourself with people who have similar ambitions and aspirations. When this occurs a bit of magic begins to happen and everyone involved is swept up in this wave of positive energy.

I wrote about 5 Benefits of Networking on my blog and will share some excerpts from that piece below.

1. Shared Knowledge

Being a part of a network and sharing ideas leads to shared knowledge. There is usually more than one way of accomplishing a goal and receiving feedback and discussing other points of view really expands your knowledge base and allows you to see things from a broader perspective.

As an individual it is unlikely that you will have the depth of knowledge and experience as that of a group, but collectively the power can be staggering.

Learning from others who have traveled the trail you are now navigating is always a huge plus for your advancement. Why not listen, learn and avoid some of the common pitfalls that most of us will experience without someone pointing the way?

2. Opportunities

Networking always results in the creation of opportunities, the thing is, you have no idea when or where they may materialize, which is why it’s important to be an action taker, ready to seize on a beneficial opportunity when it does come along.

Joint ventures, partnerships and even needs for services you provide are all possible results of networking.

3. Connections

People within a network of friends will have connections with many other people they have encountered in their own lives. When someone they know has a need and can benefit from products and services offered by someone within the network, that person will likely get the call.

The opposite is also true. You need a service provider and have no one that you know and trust, receiving a recommendation from within your network can be both timely and comforting.

4. Promotion

From blog post to product launches, you have people who will assist you in the promotion of goods and services. This saves you time and removes the risk of over promoting your own content and products. There is also the benefit of additional traffic to your site and an increase in subscribers and sales.

5. The Social

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and of course, BlogEngage are teeming with people and opportunities to connect with others who are traveling a similar path.

Get out there and meet some folks, visit their blogs and interact with them, becoming a part of a few communities. This will enhance your flow of traffic and expand your overall online presence.


Networking has many benefits, not the least of which are the great people you will come to build relationships with. It brings a strong purpose to your business building and personal development efforts, really making for a pleasant experience.

I personally enjoy this and have developed many great friendships. It’s always nice to have friends who have your back.

A couple points of caution:

  • As you build your network of friends always think about what YOU can contribute and how you can make the experience better for others.
  • Guard against spending too much time on social networking sites, find a balance and keep your most important projects in focus.

Are there other benefits of networking or methods that have served you well that you would like to share?

I look forward to being a part of your blogging future as we all continue to grow.

Keep Blogging!

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Jimi Jones is an Internet Entrepreneur who writes about Personal Development and Living a more productive life. You can find him @JimiJones or on his blog Jimi Jones Dot Com. Stay Productive!

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