Our world today is quite different from what it was but a century ago. Within the space of a generation, humanity has multiplied exponentially and created modern wonders that were considered science fiction not too long ago. 

Technology and innovation have changed the very fabric of our social structure. It has also in many changed the way we interact, socialize, and network with people we know and those we want to know.

Today, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more have become the cornerstone of our social structure. It is common today to find a group of people sitting together but staring at there phone screens rather than conversing amongst themselves. In fact, this behavior has become so common that it has been coined as a new word called “phubbing” that is now part of the English Dictionary  

Social Media & Influencers

The power of social media is undeniable. The ability to keep up-to-date with all that is going on in your friend circle, as well as, stay informed on the latest news and trends by simply scrolling on your phone is a great way to kill time. 

The addition of video content in recent years has added to social platforms immensely allowing members to create unique content that is entertaining and well-received. In fact, social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and many others reward members that have amassed large followings or subscribers making them overnight millionaires in some instances.

In recent years, people and even companies have sprung up that solely earn through social channels. Photographers, bloggers, and artists have detailed profiles and successful ones have amassed a large following of dedicated fans who admire there work, lifestyle, or vision.

People have made millions by creating unique content and marketing them on social platforms. Along with money, popularity is another thing that can easily be gained on social platforms if you know what you are doing. Social media platforms have made many superstars across the globe that have made a fortune from producing what are called ‘viral videos’. 

They provide an easy and convenient way to share information, keep in touch, and catch up on what’s going on with people you may care about.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a hot way for companies to introduce products to different target demographics. Influencers can get paid a handsome sum of money for doing a ‘shout out’ for a particular product or service. 

Since influencers can often have followings in millions the marketing and awareness benefit alone is substantial for brands and manufacturers. The potential to reach out to so many people in one ago is actually a lot more cost-effective than a TV campaign or radio commercial and also a lot more effective as a product recommended by a well-renowned influencer is likely to be bought by many hardcore fans.

These incentives have made influencer marketing an extremely popular way for brands both big and small to get awareness and a boost in sales. With the use of social media increasing day by day this form of marketing is likely going to be one of the most sought after marketing medians in the coming years. 

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