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Hi everyone, I’m very happy to announce the winner of our $1000 USD Best of the Guest Blogger Contest for 2012. This contest has been running a full year and we have seen a lot of hard work and effort from our guest blog contestants.

I want to send a big thank you to our sponsors for all your help in supporting our contests financially. Without you none of this would be possible.

In total throughout 2012 we had over 7 contests with over 100 submitted guest blog articles. Needless to say it was an incredible year and I enjoyed engaging with all our guest bloggers here within the community.

After reviewing the final qualifying articles I have come to the conclusion of who our winner will be. It was a close race between three of our blogging members, Holly Jahangiri, Justin Germino and Abhishek Balani. Sadly as we all know we can only award one winner with the grand prize of $1000 USD.

After counting the social points, taking quality content and comments into consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the Best Guest Blogger for 2012 is Justin Germino from Dragon Blogger with his article named, Should You Give Up on Blog Commenting?

Congratulations Justin you are now the Best Guest Blogger here on our community blog as well as $1000 richer. I hope you enjoy the earnings as you have worked hard for them and truly engaged your blog audience. Thank you to all our contestants for joining and participating in our guest blog contests. Again also thank you to our sponsors as listed below.

The $1000 USD Best of the Guest Blogging Contest Sponsors



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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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