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Blog Engage RSS Syndication Subscription Service Bronze Membership

Meet the $1000 USD Guest #Blogging #Contestants @blogengage

Throughout 2011 we will have many guest bloggers on our community blog. All our guest bloggers will be automatically entered for a chance to win 1000 USD.

The entire process is rather simple. You write a guest post here on the blog engage community blog and then you market and promote it.

We give you points for social sharing and marketing abilities. We also give you points from comments and reply comments.

Start Date

January 01 2011

Article Submission Deadline

January 01 2012

Winners Announced

January 31 2012

Corporate Sponsors

In order to join you have to write a (NEW) article about the 2011 Best Guest Blogger Contest and include the following sponsors brand images and links. The code can be found below for adding these Corporate Sponsors. Simply copy and paste the code into your article. Once completed e-mail me admin (@) blog engage dot com so I know to include you.

If at the end of 2011 you ( the participants) do not write this (NEW) article about the 2011 Best Guest Blogger Contest and include the following sponsors brand images and links you will be automatically removed and will not be included.

HomeAway Holiday Rentals Business Blogs
My Blog Guest chicago marketing agency
Yoga BlogSpeed Lux

I will take everything you do on your guest articles throughout the entire year of 2011 with regards to tweets, engages, linkedin votes, comments and use them towards my final decision on who will be awarded the 1000 USD.

Tweets, 50 points per tweet up to a max of 15000 points
Linked In Votes, 50 points per vote, up to a max of 15000 points
Facebook Likes, 50 points per tweet up to a max of 15000 points
Google Plus, 50 points per Plus up to a max of 15000 points
Engages at Blog Engage, 100 points per Engage (vote) Unlimited points
Comments that provide value, 10 points per comment Unlimited Points

How To Win

1.Register for an account here and fill out your bio info. Please note this is a separate username and password from your initial Blog Engage account. Contact me admin (@) blogengage dot com letting me know your username and I will upgrade your account.

2. Login to our WordPress back end, write your Guest Article and submit it for pending review. At this time you can also e-mail me your article about our contest, help us promote the contest and link to Blog Engage. (500 bonus points) Once your Guest Article is published on Blog Engage you can start marketing and promoting it.

3. Guest Articles must be at least 450 words.

4. You may have as many links as you wish in the body of the article. However, please limit links to your projects or websites to your bio. Absolutely no affiliate links allowed.

5. Spread the word about your Guest Article through all your social media channels: Twitter, Blog Engage, Facebook, , etc. A high value will be placed on number of Tweets and overall social media promotion.

I will then total it all up and from that I will determine who will be awarded the 1000 USD best guest blogger of 2011 award. This is going to be the most exciting event for us in 2011.

Current Approved Contestants

1. Are You a Genuine Blogger or a Faker?
2. Are You Blogging Full Time Or Part Time?
3. How To Engage Your Blog Readers And Get More Comments From Them
4. 5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves
5. Posting The Latest Trends With The Help Of Google
6. How To Do Research For Your New Blog Posts
7. 10 Eye-Hurting Headline Templates To Ensure It Gets Clicked
8. Profit Making Formula for Bloggers
9. Reaching Out the Best SEO Changes of the Past
10. How to Be a Social Media Research Ninja for your Blog
11. The Easy Guide for Becoming a Professional Blogger
12. Why Should You Blog About What You Know
13. Ways to Make Money Blogging: Is It Really Possible to Make Money from It?
14. If you don’t read this post, you are a liar! Find out why
15. How You can Move a PR0 Site to PR3 in 3 Months
16. Can your Blog Pass the Salad Test?
17. Do You Get Lost During Your #Blogging Day?

Current Non – Approved Contestants

Powerful and Realistic Advices in Guest Blogging
How to win a writing contest
How to win a guest blogging contest ?
6 Top Methods to Boost Your WordPress Site’s SEO
10 Ways to Find Niche Blogs For Your Market
5 Under Rated Strategies to Build Back links
5 Things the Dalai Lama Would Say About Blogging
Stats You Believe are Important for Blogging (but Totally Aren’t)
Should I care about Search Engine Optimization?
Blogging to Forge a Connection with Readers?
What Makes Blogging a Must?
The Core Values of Blogging
There’s No Such Thing as Competition in the Blogosphere
Are All SEO Plugins For WordPress Created Equal
Brand Evaluation: 8 Ways to Tell If Your Brand is Social
Want to Be a “Go-to-Freelancer”? Here are 3 Down and Crucial Things YOU MUST KNOW!
Learning to think like a blogger
5 Latin Abbreviations You Might Have Misused that Make You Look Dumb!
The 3 P’s – What It Takes to Become a Successful Blogger
5 Essential Rules to Running a Successful Online Business
Have you learned any blogging from Hitler ?
Are you prepared for the five changes you may face in your blogging career?
Branding Your Blog
Free Software Foundation – “No to Windows 7; No to Facebook?”
What the Blogger Can Learn from Jesus
Drowning in a Sea of Information: Trying to Make Money Online
Don’t Get Left Behind The Video Marketing Dust!
My Long Term Strategy To Become a Top Dawg Blogger.
Solo Vs. Collective Blogging – Which One Suits You Best?
The Blogger’s Social Network… What About It?

All Blog Engage members can guest write for us and have the opportunity to win any prize offered in this contest. We only ask that you have a valid paypal account to accept your winnings and prizes.

Payment Information

All awards and prizes will be delivered 15 days after the contest is closed. As already stated a valid PayPal account will be needed to accept any money prizes.

No Contest Sponsor Reviews nor Spotlights will be counted or considered towards points it’s far to difficult to track.

If you have previously guest posted and don’t see your article here it’s because you have not e-mailed me letting me know what articles you want to use towards the contest. E-mail me admin (@) blogengage dot com and I will add it to the list of participants.

Earn Bonus Points Now!

If you add our sidebar banner to your blog we will award you bonus points for the contest. Please help us build a strong community and add it up top nice and high for everyone to see! Simply copy and paste it into your sidebar for the duration of the contest. 500 bonus points for the 300 by 250, 300 points for the 468 by 60 and 100 points for the 125 by 125.

Blog Engage RSS and Contest Sponsorship Services

Blog Engage RSS and Contest Sponsorship Services

Blog Engage RSS and Contest Sponsorship Services


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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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