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Blog Engage RSS Syndication Subscription Service Bronze Membership

Attention all bad ass bloggers. Do you want more RSS followers? Want to expand your site’s exposure? Well if so, then you need to get in on the 2nd Annual Bad Ass SEO Guest Blogging Contest. This contest is being hosted by The Search Engine Marketing Group and and is set to be one of the baddest contest on the Internet though October 12th, 2011.

So how does this work? In order to get in on this contest, you’ve got to sign up for an SEO Group account, as well as account. This is so you can add your guest post to the SEO Group site while being able to reply to any comments left via the Blokube site. Once this is finished, you’ll need to write a bad ass post to add to the SEO Group site. The thing to keep in mind is that the posts have to have something to do with the blogging community. This includes topics such as link building, SEO tactics, social media, or whatever else you can think of that still stays on topic.

There are a few rules that have to be followed to a tee. First of all, posts have to be at least 500 words in length and you have to have a Gravatar image for your post. Please use an actual photo of yourself as opposed your logo. You can add as many links in your post as you want, but please keep it within reason and NO affiliate links. And finally, once you’re post is published on the SEO Group site, you MUST do a post on your own blog. This post will need to link to the official contest post AND to all of the sponsors helping out with this contest. I know that sounds like a lot, but they’ve provided a link to all the sponsors so adding them is a snap.

And speaking of sponsors, there are some very impressive names on this list. Check them out:

$500 Sponsors Affordable SEO

$300 Sponsors

linkvana contest banner

Daniel McGonagle Link Building

$150 Sponsors

Thesis Skins

Hesham Zebida Thesis Skins

$100 Sponsors

Simple Weight Loss Tips

Scott Bradley Simple Weight Loss Tips For Entrepreneurs

Milan Matchev Health Directory

JobMob Job Search Tips

Jacob Share JobMob Job Search Tips

Search Engine Marketing Group Logo

Search Engine Marketing Group

$50 Sponsors

Vertical Measures Internet Marketing Services

Doc Sheldon’s Clinic Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO

Whitney Michael Segura Greenhouses for Sale

Butch Segura Wholesale Greenhouses by EarthCare

Whitney “WeedyP” Segura Internet Marketing Blog by Whitney Segura

Ernest Segura Greenhouse Supplies @

John Britsios

Brian Waraksa Houston Internet marketing

Ana Hoffman – Traffic Generation Cafe Web Traffic

SEO Prize Sponsors

The SEO Training Dojo

David Harry A full years membership at SEO Dojo, a value of $250.SEO Training Dojo

Lifetime membership to: My Blog Guest. is the free guest post exchange community where users meet to exchange guest posts and network.

Link-Assistant.Com SEO PowerSuite Enterprise (max. functionality license) SEO tools – the best tool to spy on your competitors ($210 value)

3 month Pro subscription to Raven Internet Marketing Tools ($297 value) Raven Internet Marketing Tools

So finally, let’s get to what it all comes down to, the things that will be won. Prizes include everything from lifetime memberships to various sites to fully functional software with licenses. But more than that, there’s cold hard cash to be won. And unlike contests where the winner is chosen by a computer, this one comes down to how well you promote your post. The more comments, retweets, and Facebook shares your post gets, the better your chances of being named a winner.

So get your posts done now and get them posted to the SEO Group site. The sooner you get this part done, the more time you’ll have to get others to rave about your awesomeness. After all, this isn’t just your average blogging contest, this is a Bad Ass Blogging Contest.

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