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17 Killer Writing Tips for an Internet Audience

Writing for an internet audience is quite different to writing a textbook. Use these simple tips to ensure your content is a winner each and every time.

About Dave Clements

Dave runs The UK Edge - a company that build WordPress-based websites for small businesses.

Top 10 things not to worry about when blogging

Being a blogger in today’s competitive blogging environment can become very stressful for many people. We see so many bloggers claiming amazing earnings and traffic we sometimes wonder what we’re doing wrong as a blogger and how we can achieve better success. What you have to understand as a new blogger is these members didn’t […]


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

7 SEO Tips: Supercharge Your Search Engine Rankings

We all know the benefits of having good search engine rankings, Consistent evergreen traffic, leads, and sales.] And here’s what: SEO is not rocket-science. It’s pretty simple when you know what to work with and how to do stuff. Here are 10 simple SEO tips that can give you a super quick ranking boost, and […]


Catalin is the founder of Inspired Mag, and his current obsessions are Sun Ra and matcha tea. He tweets at @zorzini and photo blogs at @matcha_tea_com

The 10 Commandments Of SEO

No matter what your religious beliefs, there’s one thing for sure – the god of the internet exists and he resides at Mountain View, California. So, if our google god was to cast his ten commandments in stone and send them down from the mountain, what would they be? #1 Thou Shalt Not Buy Or […]

About David McSweeney

David McSweeney is a full time web developer, programmer, blogger and SEO expert from Glasgow, Scotland. Visit David's blog Top 5 SEO for loads more SEO tips and internet marketing advice and follow him on twitter @top5seo.

Must Know Blogging Tips to Help You Make the Best Out Of Blogging

The idea of making money through blogging is something that every blogger thinks about every time they want to write. This will work out well for some people and some will just give up when they don’t see anything coming out of it after some time. Successful bloggers who have failed in the past have […]


Wallace is an IT Engineer by day and a webmaster/blogger during his free time. He first took an interest in online marketing just three years ago and has been addicted ever since. He enjoys writing about Blogging, SEO, Technology, Lifestyle, and Health related topics. You can comment on his articles on

Top 10 ways to show you’re a total blogging noob

When it comes to access, nothing can beat blogging: anyone can do it, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Unfortunately, even access has its downside, and for every interesting blog, there are hundreds of others that could have been written by hyperactive 8-year-olds without access to dictionary, thesaurus or style guide. The great news is, […]

About Hal Licino

I'm an award-winning freelance writer, the author of several books, and an email marketing expert for Benchmark Email, a leading, global email marketing service.

Unwritten Laws of Being a Blogger

Blog Engage $650 USD Guest Blogging Qualifying Article Are you a blogger? If so, then do you actually have what it takes to be a successful blogger? To be a blogger one must posses the ultimate necessities that I have outlined in this blog post to succeed in the blogging world. Blogging is not for […]

About Kevin Martin

Hello all! I am Kevin Martin and I'm a proud member of Blog Engage and I am a fervent personal development blogger at The Annoying Life.

Doc Says: Ten Tested Cures for Writer’s Block

We all hit the wall now and then… that point where we just stare at the monitor, our mind either blank or wandering elsewhere. We find ourselves totally unable to express a single coherent thought. Our deadline looms ever closer, urgent other tasks begin to pile up and yet, we still can’t seem to get it together. And the harder we try to write, the harder it becomes.

About Sheldon Campbell

I'm a retired business management consultant, and a perpetual student of all things SEO. I also am a copywriter, providing professional webcopy, articles and press releases. I've been involved in SEO for a little over four years, and writing for about thirty. I presently have two blogs, and have had two others, previously. You can connect with me on Twitter or Facebook, and my website is Doc Sheldon's SXO Clinic.