Making money is both difficult and easy. One good way to make money is to start a blog, do something meaningful with your blog and swell your bank account. I know that the primary reason for starting a blog should not be for the purpose of making money. A lot of bloggers are in the blogosphere to promote their brand, express their personal opinions or just to share their knowledge with other people.

I know so many people have written articles on the topic of making money; but I am here to write from my own perspective and make my own contribution from the way I see things and understand them. So, as a professional or newbie blogger, you should spare me your time and read this to the end. At the end you should be free to make your observation, criticisms or contributions.

Why do people start a blog?

People start a blog for different reasons, having different targets in their minds and with a particular group of persons as their target audience. Some of the reasons include, but are not limited to the following:

Share knowledge:

This is the driving force or the motivation behind many blogs. Some persons just want to be heard and they want to find a way to share the little knowledge they have acquired. Blogging easily provides them the platform and avenue to reach a vast audience. Their primary purpose is not to make money. Promote their brand. One of the best ways to promote a brand is to start a blog which you can use to aggressively create awareness about that brand.


Make money:

Blogging has evolved over the years and a lot of people now see the money making potential in it that they all want to become bloggers. It is not a bad idea to make money with your blog; but that should not be the sole aim of setting up a blog.

Time would fail me to mention other reasons. I know you have some important things to do with your precious time, so I am not going to dwell much on that. I am going to try and accommodate all three sets of people mentioned above in this write up, though it favours the last set more – those who want to make money blogging.

Before you can make money with your blog

If you start a blog today, it does not guarantee that you would start making money immediately or in the near future. There are a lot of works to do on your blog before it becomes a money making factory for you. I personally want to be a problogger and make a lot of money too (laugh). I believe some of you reading this post have that dream too. We do not need to pretend about it. In order to earn with your blog, you need to:

Position your blog:

First thing is to position your blog in a way as to be able to withstand the fierce competition online and become the place of attraction for both information seekers and for those willing to buy your products. You need to customize your blog, add quality content, do the internal SEO, drive traffic to it, increase your blog popularity and also engage your readers. When the level of interactivity on your blog grows higher, then you are sure you have an audience or a community to sell to and make money.

Now that you have positioned your blog for the purpose of making money, it is time to look at what and what is capable of fetching you money on your blog. When you have one or few of these you are sure to make money endlessly with your blogsite.

How to make money with your blog


Your blog can really become a full time business, earning you lots of cash. So let’s look at the following services you could render in order to get some dough:

1. Tutorials:

Recently, while doing some research online, I discovered that some of the high income earners are those providing tutorials on different subjects. Among these are tutorials on web design, coding, programming, logo design, template customization, blogging, etc. Make money today by simply providing “how-to” tutorials.

2. Writing:

Offer writing services on your blog and get paid handsomely. There are writers and freelance writers everywhere, but there is dearth of quality writers. If you can start a blog today and offer quality writing services to bloggers, SEO companies, company blogs, online magazines, etc, you are bound to hit it big. You can also participate in Paid-to-write programmes to make some extra income for yourself.

3. Sponsored reviews:

Once your blog is well positioned and has a high PR and quality traffic, a lot of people would scramble to have you write sponsored reviews about their products on your site. What would this translate to? Money of course!

4. Sell products:

Selling your own products is another sure way to earn good money with your blog. Some of the products you could sell include blog/website templates, software, e-books, etc. Once you have tested and proven products to sell, buyers would throng your blogsite to buy them.

5. Affiliate products:

Do you love selling products but you don’t have your personal one to sell? Why don’t you go for affiliate products marketing instead of giving excuses as to why you are failing to make money online? Join affiliate programmes and offer their products to your blog community. You can promote such products by writing an unbiased reviews on them and add your affiliate links to them that you can get paid for every buyer that comes through your link.

6. Advert spaces:

Offer advertisement spaces to prospective advertisers and make your cool cash. This can be done through banner placement or through text link placement. If you get good advertisers, you can make more money from advert placement than from Google Adsense.

7. Google Adsense:

This is about the most popular way of making money with blogs online, and it’s also one of the most popular topics being discussed in the blogosphere from time to time. You can make a hell of money with Google Adsense if you have quality traffic to your blog. Some great bloggers are earning six figures from this every month.


Making money as a blogger is both simple and easy if you are determined to do so. Simply offer services or products that are needed by others and get paid for doing so. Do you want to make money online today? Then start a blog and start earning.

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