Traffic Travis is one of the best SEO management tools there is. It is basically a software which analyzes your site in the global search engine market and gives you an overview of where your site stands.

It comes with both a free version and a premium one. The free version obviously contains less features than the premium one. But, it would be best to give the free one a try before buying the premium version which costs $97 (for 12 months access).

Traffic Travis Dashboard

The Dashboard area gives you an overview of all your site’s details including your site’s Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Backlinks, Pages Indexed etc. It basically gives you an idea of where your site stands on the Internet. From the Dashboard, you can enter into the details of anyone section that you choose.


Monitor Backlinks

This is one of the most exciting feature of Traffic Travis. What this feature does is basically lists out all your site’s backlinks with the page authority and pagerank of the respective page. It also displays the Alexa rank of the respective sites and the anchor text through which the backlinks are made to your site.


The site breakdown panel also shows your the number of links coming through based on pagerank, TLD, IP addresses and Anchor text.


Check Competition

This is a vital part if you want to stand out in the crowd. Without knowing your competition, you will never know who you are up against and whom you need to beat. This is where Traffic Travis can really help.

To get the details of your competition, all of you have to do is provide some keywords which you use for your site. The keywords should be appropriate and should be suitable for what your blog is about. If you’re in the internet marketing niche, then most of your keywords would likely show ‘Very Difficult’ under the ‘Difficulty’ section which simply means it’s very difficult to rank for those keywords and the niche is way over competitive and extremely over-saturated.


Another setting that I love about this feature is you can select Search Engines countrywise and vice versa while checking out your competition. Well, keywords competition can be differ from country to country.

Keyword Research

Similar to checking competition, keyword research can lead to blogging success if done carefully and strategically. The problem with keyword research is most don’t know what they are looking or are probably looking everywhere. The trick is to look for one low competitive keyword related to your niche and start building your traffic on that. Once, the keyword becomes competitive look for another low competitive keyword and go through the same process again.

Selecting low competitive keyword also means that your PPC (pay per click) will be less if you want to some sort of advertising like Google Adwords. So, it is not only benefits your site traffic but also costs less. Traffic Travis can help you in this regard as well. Detailed reports are presented to you when you search for keywords with number of Global searches as well as Local searches and the PPC rate and competitiveness of that keywords are also displayed.


Domain Research

Coming up with an ideal domain name for your blog is difficult and time consuming. Most of the time you may not get your desire domain probably because they have already been registered or are way too expensive. Also, after the Google’s EMD update , having keywords in your domain don’t help either. Worst of all, it could lead to penalization of your domain if exact matching keywords are found in your domain by Google’s search algorithms.

Traffic Travis has a pretty good domain research tool. All you have to do is put in the keywords you would want to use for your blog and it will give you the suggestions based on three TLDs – .com, .org and .net. If they have already been registered then they will be marked with a X sign and if not they will be marked with a tick sign.


Another good thing about using this feature is that if you like the domain you have found, you can buy the domain then and there from any one of the five different domain registrars listed there.


Well, that’s about everything. If you’re looking to find out how your site ranks among other sites on the Internet or if you want to find keywords that will help you to rank higher then get yourself a copy of Traffic Travis now.


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