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When you’re running a website as a business, you need to keep in mind about the confidentiality of your customers. When it comes to running a successful business, protection and security of customer information is the key. Since it’s about protecting your client’s trust, when you lose your client information, you lose their trust. When you lose their trust, you lose business. has one of the biggest collection of SSL certificates. You can find almost any kind of SSL certificate that you would want. An SSL certificate ensures the data flowing from your web server to your website is secure and encrypted. has quite a few different types of SSL certificates.


The Basic SSL provides a quick and easy automated validation of your website. It uses a dedicated IP address to protect a single domain. Basic SSL offers 99% browser compatibility, unlimited server licenses, unlimited reissuances and key pairs, 2048 bit SHA2 SSL public key encryption, activation of SSL secure site deal and also 30 day unconditional refund. It comes with a price tag of as low as $36.75 per year.

The Premium SSL is an upgraded form of the basic SSL. It includes all the features of the basic SSL. Apart from that, it comes with $10,000 USD insurance guaranty and compatibility with MS Exchange or OWA. You can secure upto 3 sub-domains with the premium SSL. It comes with a price tag of as low as $74.25 per year.


The High Assurance SSL is an organizational level SSL certificate. Since your organization is validated through this SSL, details of your organization would also appear in the certificate. This ensures that the website customers are visiting is authentic and represent the organization. This ensures higher sales conversions and more business for your organization.

When you have multiple domains or sub-domains, it’s best to go with a wildcard SSL certificate. In most cases, you would need separate certificates if you have too many sub-domains. With wildcard SSL certificate, not only do you save money but you also have save the trouble of having too many SSL certificates. It also comes with a $125,000 USD.


The EV SSL certificate provides the highest level of organizational validation. A lot of checks are done on the organization before an EV SSL certificate is given out. It enables a green address bar which boosts customer trust and ensures higher sales conversions. It also comes with a $250,000 USD insurance guarantee. It comes with a price tag of $239.50 USD per year.

Other than these, also offers  UCC/SAN certificate which is specifically for use with Microsoft Exchange Services. It can provide security for upto 2000 domains with a single certificate. It also comes with a $125,000 USD insurance guarantee. It’s mostly suited when you have multiple domains on a shared IP address. It also acts as a binder certificate through which you can combine  multiple basic certificates and wildcard SSL certificates into a super certificate.

So, make sure you check out as it’s one of the best places to buy SSL certificates.

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