For all of September Retweet Bird will be giving away free credits. If you have content you need or want shared on Twitter this is a great way to do it.

The basic idea of Retweet Bird is simple. You submit a tweet you wish other users to share for you. By doing so they earn credits which they can also use towards their own shared tweets.

This is an example of a tweet I would set up for sharing. You can see I set it up using hashtags specific to my article and I include a twitter handle so users can easily follow me or my clients.

You can be adding posts like this as well increasing your tweets and blog traffic.

We are giving away 1000 credits per day all you need to do is tweet me @blogengage requesting your daily bonus credits.

#Embed #video in #email has made a comeback…with a BANG @emailmonks

For the entire month of September we want to test Retweer Bird and are offering daily bonus credits of 1000. So what are you waiting for?

Sign up, connect with your Twitter, tweet me @blogengage requesting your daily bonus credits.

Join us today and set up your first tweet at Retweet Bird.



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