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Wikipedia defines happiness as:

A mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

We all want to be happy in life and as bloggers. But we all can’t be happy. And this is not a curse or because we all can’t be at the same level as those who are happy rather, it’s because the definition of happiness or what it will take to make us happy differs.

When I wanted to start an authority site I choose the ‘Blogging’ niche ignoring the competition level because there are so many misconceptions about make money blogging that delayed my success when starting out that I felt I needed to start a site to correct all those misconceptions.

So I started a site on blogging, targeting beginners. Train them up from infancy in the way they should go, the greatest book ever written said. But we say catch them young.

So through out my writing I have focused on doing one thing only:

“Providing clarifications on Blogging, Helping the Beginner Blogger Start Right and Succeed” (my tagline)

But what I am wondering about now is:

Are there really misconceptions about Blogging or just different ways people have chosen to blog?

Anyway more to the point.

Some people have said happiness is a choice and I agree. Happiness is a choice because happiness is what you and I make it to be. And each one of us make that choice consciously or unconsciously.

So now I ask, what will make you happier as a blogger?

Is it getting thousands of traffic a day to your blog?

Is it getting hundreds of comments on your posts?

Is it making more money with your blog?

Is it getting more thank you notes from those you’ve helped with your blog?

Is it a combination of these things?

Knowing what will make you a happier blogger is a big step closer to actually becoming a happy or happier blogger. It will help you set goals towards achieving the type of happiness you want.

Let me help you further to figure this out…

When was the last time you were really happy that you’re a blogger or felt fulfilled about what you do online?

I’ll start…

The last time I felt really happy and fulfilled about what I do was last night (As at writing this post it’s some minutes shy from 11am Saturday September 22nd).

And it was simply because a communication that started with…

Ended with…

Of course this wasn’t the first time I was getting a thank you email.

But why was I so happy on this day?

Because I was able to get my most wanted response while greatly helping a fellow who was desperately in need of guidance at the same time.

This guy has so much ideas but he has been writing on Weebly and free WordPress. You just have to see his sites on those platforms to know he will do really well if he was using a better software. And I’m sure he knew that too.

He was desperately seeking for a better way to achieve his goal which in his own words is:

I want a site that will allow me to write about things I love and make money in the process.

So he took my free 10 days blogging course and in between the course he decided to send me a mail, which is the first email above.

The other thank you email was sent to me because I sent the reader a copy of my book including all other bonus books I had for offer for free.

You see on my last birthday I decided to give back to my readers (not that I don’t do that everyday). I asked them to ask for anything they wanted from me and it was theirs.

And I got this email from that reader…

To which I replied…

And the reader accepted my offer…

But now I’m almost feeling like it was just a waste of my hard work because about 3 weeks later after I sent those books I contacted him/her to follow up, see what he thought of the books and if he/she had any question (s) or needed any help? But I didn’t get a reply. Though I know there could be other reasons for his/her silence other than taking the gift forgranted.

But the point is…

It’s great to do things for people and expect nothing in return. But it’s greater to know you’ve helped someone and the person is progressing somehow as a result of that.

For me I am always happy and feel privileged when someone turns to me for help.

But I am happier when I am able to help someone who is really seriously going to make use of my help whether I make money in the process or not.

Even better I am at my peak of happiness if I am able to achieve everything!

It’s more than happiness…

It’s feeling fulfilled.

  • Help someone who turned to me for help.
  • As a result of my help the person progresses somehow.
  • And I make money in the process!

Basically it’s about achieving your personal goals.

Why did you start blogging in the first place?

I started because I felt and still feels it’s a blessing to be able to sit in front of my computer and write from my head. And someone somewhere finds what I write helpful and somehow my time and effort translates to money.

So for me I’m a happier blogger when I’m able to help someone achieve their goal while achieving mine at the same time. Come on, it’s not realistic to expect me to be happier just making people happy when I don’t have food to eat. Or is it?

So since I know what makes me happier I wouldn’t listen to you…

If you think my posts are too long because people will find it boring. Excuse me. I only want people who will instead of thinking the post is long and consider it boring think oh, great. She included so much details to make things easy for me! I want serious minded people who need my help and will appreciate my time.

Sorry if you think I don’t write entertaining posts because I’m here for a more serious business. If I wanted to entertain I’ll join the entertainment industry! Come to think of it, some friends actually think I’ll do well in the entertainment industry 🙂

If you think I should write less so I can get lots of comments, sorry I’m more interested in providing a complete guide on each topic I write on than getting comments on the post.

If you say I shouldn’t write for SEO, come on, how will those really looking for my help find me?

If you think targeting and focusing on a niche is not for you well, good for you. I want to be able to provide a complete resource to those group I know I can really help.

And if you think it’s not necessary to plan a blog as you plan a business, it’s okay. Just don’t envy me when I make money from actually doing something I love and add value to people’s lives.

Really what can be more fulfilling than that?

Now let’s reevaluate…

I want more traffic just as I am sure you do. It will be nice to get thousands of traffic a day to my site. But getting thousands of traffic doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be happier. Of course I could get more serious readers, more people who need my help and I could make more money. But depending on how I am getting this traffic getting more traffic may not make me any happier.

It’s great for social proof to get more comments. Great to have a community around your blog. But are you getting more comments because readers found your blog helpful? Or because your blog post lacks depth and/or because you have the CommentLuv plugin installed and people just want to promote their posts?

I want to make more money. Of course who doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with making more money. But you don’t have to be selfish about it. For example in the second email to me from the fellow in my first example (email not attached) he asked if I had a mentoring program and how much my rates were.

If it was just about the money I could have jumped on it. He needed my help. I could immediately charge him for my time. But I didn’t. Instead I exchanged emails with him for a few days; each email running into one thousand or more words trying to help him figure out what he actually wanted, how best to achieve it and giving him options available to him.

At the end without being self centered I still made money because he choose to use a software (Site Build It!) I was an affiliate for.

When you put making money first before the needs of your readers even though you get lucky and you’re able to make some money, the feeling that comes from giving to others, making others happy will be lacking. And you’ll have no ambassadors for your blog and your name; at least not positive ambassadors.

Getting thank you notes for us bloggers makes our day. But if your goal is to make money blogging, you’re even happier when people are so grateful to you and send you an email to ask for your affiliate link to order a product you’re an affiliate for.

Bottom line?

Be honest with yourself and decide what will make you fulfilled and completely happy blogging.

Don’t hide behind the shadows of others. It’s a very great job you’re doing. You don’t have to be shy about making money from your blog.

But it’s okay if you honestly don’t wish to make money from your blog. But figure this out honestly; because until you do you won’t really be happy and fulfilled blogging.

If making money blogging is your wish, then start blogging like you mean to make money. Don’t treat your blog as a play ground and expect to convert and earn any income worth your time.

Let your goals help you weed off many of the advice about blogging not helping you.

Except you’re writing for entertainment only, to really feel fulfilled and happy blogging put your readers needs first. Put lots of resources in place to help them and make replying to feedbacks a priority. While it takes time to reply to emails, replying to emails is actually one of the best ways to convert the serious readers of your blog and create ambassadors who will promote you and your blog endlessly.

The more you help a targeted group reach their goal the more you help yourself reach yours.

Now over to you. Tell me, what was the last time you were really grateful and happy for being a blogger and why were you happy?

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