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Interesting Ways to Help Get More Instagram Likes

Have you been wondering why you have not been able to notice an increase in the number of Instagram likes on your posts? There may be so many reasons why you’re not noticing any progress, but taking the following steps will surely help make things better.

Pick the Best Photos

Unless you make your Instagram page visually appealing, you’re never going to get any likes. Finding incredible photos can be tricky, but you have to explore your creative side to get something interesting. Gone are the days when “good enough” shots were enough to get you more likes. Things have changed considerably and because of the competition, it is high time to level up.

You just can’t afford to make any mistakes with your photos, and that means you may even have to learn the ins and outs of taking great shots. Sometimes, it works in your favor to take a photography course or make some investment into buying better photography equipment. Educate yourself more about photography to come across as a professional than a hobbyist.

Work on Using the Best Hashtags

You can’t make your posts visible if you don’t work on utilizing the most appropriate hashtags. Every hashtag you use on your Instagram account will help your brand to become more visible and grow over time. It’s all about making it visible to a larger audience. But, be sure to select the best hashtags by going for something that is not too broad.

 Once you have found them, be prepared to take your time to learn the right places to put those hashtags. You may also want to work on creating a branded hashtag and use a mix of hashtags to get better results – according to Social Media Daily and other experts, using up to 9 hashtags per post is likely to help you get the most engagement.

Have Hashtags Added to Bio

It is important to understand that though Stories are not going to play a huge role in finding new Instagram likes, they will surely serve as a way to improve your reach and find new fans. By using hashtags in your bio and Stories, you will make your account visible to large audience and that is when you increase your chances of getting more likes.

Be Clear About Your Audience

To get more likes, you need to create content that is relevant to your audience. And for that to happen, you’d first need to work on identifying your audience. Conducting target market research will surely play a big role here. Once you have a better idea of who your audience is, you will be in a much better position to create content they are going to like.

Don’t Forget to Tag Brands

A great way to expand your reach is to tag famous people and brands whenever possible. You can consider tagging a new acquaintance, a collaborator, or a famous personality. You need to tell your audience how much you value those who have been an inspiration to you.The fact of the matter is that staying active on social media will help you find new likes, but the finest way to get Instagram likes is to buy them from a professional and authentic seller. So, consider that option whenever you can!


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

Outreach WordPress Theme By Studio Press

As the name implies, the Outreach Theme from, a concern of Copyblogger Media network is marketed as a theme suitable for charitable or religious causes. For instance, the theme can be used to represent a church within a specific geographical area. In other words, the theme is for non-commercial uses.

However, after going through the features and its interface, I can conclude that the theme will be great even for commercial purposes. We all know the power of Genesis network and this theme, yet again, proves that a well-built and easy-to-use interface is enough to even make a newbie itch to build a business website.

What Does Outreach WordPress Theme Include?

Complete Genesis Framework
Detailed tutorials
Mobile responsive theme
Unlimited site support

Outreach WordPress Theme Features:

Huge Image Slides

We respond more to images than any other thing, including the written content. If you see the site demo, you will know what I mean. Replace those images with the optimized ones representing your business and I am sure, you will have better click-through rate in any case.

Minimalist Design

The home page and others are not cluttered. A cluttered web design is a huge turn off for website visitors, especially when you cannot distinguish one thing from the other. The outreach theme has minimal but effective design. Moreover, its background color – black – makes the interface more poignant.

Varied Layouts

There are six ways in which the website layout can be changed and let me tell you, every layout is beautifully crafted. The six layouts are

content / sidebar;
sidebar / content;
content / sidebar / sidebar;
sidebar / sidebar / content;
sidebar / content / sidebar;
full width

Color and Comments

The Outreach Theme can be customized into four colors – blue, green, orange and red. Further, if you plan the blog or business website to be very interactive, the theme gives you threaded commenting feature as well.


The entire interface is aptly widgetized. All you have to do is place the HTML Text widget into the correct places, fill it up and interlink it with inner pages. After you purchase the theme for $79.95, the full access to documentation and tutorials will make website building very smooth.


The Outreach Theme , even though minimalist, has a very strong presence. The well detailed layout makes it more approachable. It can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

My 2019 guide to small business marketing with WhatsApp

So you’re looking for a way to advertise your business, are you? Well, I could be really boring and give you a stereotypical answer. Go and stick a slogan in a national newspaper.

Go and get some air time on a local radio show, or even go big and try for a TV advert. The simple truth is that, in most cases, these kinds of advertisements don’t work that well anymore. There are a lot of better ways to go about it and social media is one of these. Now, there are a lot of social media sites out there and they all have ranging capabilities.

In some cases, you may require as big an audience as possible and Facebook could be an option. In others, Instagram may be useful for posting marketing photos online. However, I strongly believe that WhatsApp could present you with a variety of opportunities when it comes to marketing. Just what are these though? Read on to find out. 

One thing that always stands out for me with WhatsApp is its popularity. Now, we can’t kid ourselves that it’s as popular as the likes of Facebook, but then again no sites are. WhatsApp is still really popular, though, and has a really solid base of users.

This is down to a number of reasons. First of all, it’s really easy to set up and use and so users don’t have to worry about being bogged down by anything confusing. Secondly, it allows users to link their accounts to their mobile phone numbers. This provides them with a free alternative to texting and they, therefore, save money as well. All of this combines to make a really popular app and that can benefit your business.

There are a lot of people to reach out to with your marketing and if you employ the right tactics, you could have a lot of new clients on the way. 

To check out more about WhatsApp marketing, follow this link:

Now, WhatsApp could also help your company to boost its customer service skills. This is always really important in the business world and social media provides you with a great opportunity to do that. I don’t know about you, but I personally hate having to phone a company for some sort of help or information.

With social media apps like WhatsApp, however, clients will simply be able to text you regarding any queries they have. This will make them feel a lot more comfortable and they’ll be able to take their time over questions, which will lead to a more flowing conversation. On the flip side of that, you’ll also be able to take time over answers and make sure you get them right every time. 

Not many companies tend to use WhatsApp for marketing purposes, either, so you have the potential to exploit this area. Lots of people use the app, as I’ve already mentioned, and if you can place your marketing in strategic places you could be well on the way to getting a lot of new customers.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

The Growth of Social Platforms & Influencer Marketing

Our world today is quite different from what it was but a century ago. Within the space of a generation, humanity has multiplied exponentially and created modern wonders that were considered science fiction not too long ago. 

Technology and innovation have changed the very fabric of our social structure. It has also in many changed the way we interact, socialize, and network with people we know and those we want to know.

Today, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more have become the cornerstone of our social structure. It is common today to find a group of people sitting together but staring at there phone screens rather than conversing amongst themselves. In fact, this behavior has become so common that it has been coined as a new word called “phubbing” that is now part of the English Dictionary  

Social Media & Influencers

The power of social media is undeniable. The ability to keep up-to-date with all that is going on in your friend circle, as well as, stay informed on the latest news and trends by simply scrolling on your phone is a great way to kill time. 

The addition of video content in recent years has added to social platforms immensely allowing members to create unique content that is entertaining and well-received. In fact, social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and many others reward members that have amassed large followings or subscribers making them overnight millionaires in some instances.

In recent years, people and even companies have sprung up that solely earn through social channels. Photographers, bloggers, and artists have detailed profiles and successful ones have amassed a large following of dedicated fans who admire there work, lifestyle, or vision.

People have made millions by creating unique content and marketing them on social platforms. Along with money, popularity is another thing that can easily be gained on social platforms if you know what you are doing. Social media platforms have made many superstars across the globe that have made a fortune from producing what are called ‘viral videos’. 

They provide an easy and convenient way to share information, keep in touch, and catch up on what’s going on with people you may care about.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a hot way for companies to introduce products to different target demographics. Influencers can get paid a handsome sum of money for doing a ‘shout out’ for a particular product or service. 

Since influencers can often have followings in millions the marketing and awareness benefit alone is substantial for brands and manufacturers. The potential to reach out to so many people in one ago is actually a lot more cost-effective than a TV campaign or radio commercial and also a lot more effective as a product recommended by a well-renowned influencer is likely to be bought by many hardcore fans.

These incentives have made influencer marketing an extremely popular way for brands both big and small to get awareness and a boost in sales. With the use of social media increasing day by day this form of marketing is likely going to be one of the most sought after marketing medians in the coming years. 

Social platforms like jamble have spotted this market trend and have designed a platform that focuses on finding and communicating with influencers you need while also expanding your network and potential friend circle. Please see how a firewall can help with the security when using these platforms online.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

How to Succeed in Academic Writing and Homework

An argumentative essay, a course paper, a research task, a PhD paper, a dissertation and other written assignments make about 80 percent of grades. No wonder – logical, coherent, thoughtful writing has always been a hallmark of an intelligent person. Perhaps, because of this opinion that lived for ages, many contemporary students nowadays find themselves under a mountain of work, almost every day saying ‘Okay, Google, help me with my grammar’.

In today’s article, we are going to introduce a trustworthy cheap research paper writing service – for writing academic texts; with this online service, you are sure to get high-quality essays for affordable prices

As a response to the tremendous popularity of written tasks in colleges, schools, and universities, many writing services have mushroomed on the Internet, promising cheap and quick solutions. We cannot surely say that all of them meet the demands of students, but there are some reliable sources.
Here we are going to consider several variants of how to get better at formulating your thoughts in essays and term papers.

How to Get Better at Putting Ideas into Words and Doing Homework
Many people think that they have no talent for writing and motivate their Fs and Ds by low natural abilities. Well, this may be only partially true (for those with special educational needs and dyslexics), but for the majority of students, it is, most likely, a lame excuse.

Here is why. There is such a principle as ‘Attitude over Ability’. History proves it right: many famous people, inventors, and men of genius were ‘difficult’, but, having a victorious mindset of confidence, paved the way through the hardships.

The same way, you can be the one to face challenges and become a smarter writer, following these simple pieces of advice.

1. Lots of practice equals excellence.

As you read the essays by other authors and term papers by the best scientists of your age, never think you can’t do the same! Practise doing what you’re required every time there is an opportunity and skills will go up!

2. Get feedback.

Having responsive groupmates or professors makes you a better writer and communicator. It often happens that your mistakes or stylistic inaccuracies will be ‘invisible’ to you, yet evident those around you. Don’t neglect a friendly word of advice.

3. Read a variety of text genres.

Articles, humorous performances, National Geographic news. Anything you find worthy. As you shape your awareness of different spheres of life, you can acquire a better sense of style, composition and more ‘food for thought’ to share with the world.

4. Get rewarded for little accomplishments.

Mistakes are a part of the process. Honour your right to make them! If you make the same mistakes every time, write them down into a correction section somewhere on the flyleaf. Deal with rude mistakes by turning for help to a cheap term paper writing service, look deep into what you recieve, analyse it. And reward yourself for small victories too!

A company like will lend a helping hand, letting you learn from mistakes, communicate with experienced writers, accomplish any urgent assignment and grow. With you will not only buy cheap term papers but also give you experience and a good model to follow.

5. Eliminate distractions.

Find a comfortable quiet place to dig into what you have to write. Collect your thoughts on a piece of paper on a first draft, proofread it, consult dictionaries, reliable reference books, scientific articles or whatever is related to your topic. Minimize the influence of social networks, TV and so on. You may even turn off the sound on your phone to make the most of your writing. If you value your own efforts to write something good, don’t let any distraction steal the time you’ve got!

We hope you will be doing well with your written tasks of any type, whether using any cheap research paper writing service or not. As you turn for a cheap research papers company, do not condemn yourself in any way. The most important thing is that you learn stuff from these orders, you strive to grow and will someday become a great, fully independent writer.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

Best Useful Websites for Students: Top Ways to Be Effective at College

Loss of attention, the inability to concentrate on the work that needs to be done right now, drowsiness, endless chats, and instant messengers prevent you from doing your job well. We offer some easy ways that include sleep, walks and ‘do my assignment’ service such as AssignCode to get excellence in every technical assignment.

More Sunshine

Of course, not everyone will be able to secure such conditions for themselves, but many studies show that people working in the office work more efficiently if they are more likely to be in the sun. In addition, according to studies, office workers sitting by the window are less likely to suffer from headaches, less prone to seasonal effective disorders, and less likely to miss work.

This effect is most likely provided by a number of factors. Staying in the natural light cycles regularly helps to properly set up our internal clocks, improving the quality of night sleep and the cheerfulness of the day. A long stay in the rays of artificial light (both light from the ceiling and from a computer screen) over time leads to high fatigue of vision.

Find ‘Do My Assignment Online’ Service

To become efficient and don’t experience anxiety at college, the best option is to find a paid homework helper. Such help for money as can ease the process of studying and make you even more efficient. To find such solver, you need to type ‘help me with my assignment’ and pay for a high-quality work.

Find Time for a Walk

One way to spend your break time most productively is to go for a walk. First of all, because simple physical exercises increase creativity. Several different studies have shown that short walks and other simple physical exercises help you more efficiently cope with tasks and find non-trivial solutions. Well, if there is an opportunity to walk in green areas. Nature improves mood better than a walk along busy city streets.

Refuse to Multitask

We are used to doing many tasks such as accounting assignment and writing an essay at the same time. Moreover, most of the modern programs and devices that we use assume constant inclusion in several processes. Many are familiar with pop-up notifications or a sound informing you that a new letter has arrived.

Obviously, in such an environment, an important problem arises that scientists have repeatedly identified: performing several tasks at the same time, we work very slowly and make more mistakes. The result is a vicious circle: people working in multitasking often get distracted by external incentives. According to scientists, due to the characteristics of the data processing process, our brain cannot perform several tasks such as solve math answers, and write someone online at the same time, as a result of which multitasking slows down, and does not increase work efficiency. That is why it is better to order a paper from AssignCode.

Find Time for a Nap

Unfortunately, modern views, as well as modern offices, do not allow us to lie down in the middle of the day. However, after a little afternoon nap, we can really get more efficient.


Studies have shown that people who find time for daytime sleep are more productive than those who do not sleep during the day: they better perform tasks related to prolonged work at the computer and speed of reaction. Nurses and emergency doctors who sleep before the shift are more attentive and better able to cope with routine duties, such as putting a dropper. This also applies to drivers: if they rest before the night shift, they are less likely to get into an accident.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

ENACFIRE E18 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

I am so pleased with the quality of sound coming from these little E18 Enacfire earbuds! The price point for the sound is more than fair. They are a quality build and the charger is more than cool and compact.

Connecting to my surface pro 3 was easy and allowed me to spend more time listening than setting up. I got about 20 foot range which in my opinion is amazing for any quality Bluetooth product.

One cool feature I liked was once removed from the charger, the buds will automatically connect to your device. This makes it much easier when you are on the go and don’t have time to always air things.

Also to my surprise the earbuds stayed in my ears during extensive workouts. I’ve never had a wireless pair before and I was surprised with how well they stayed in my ears. The earbuds also come with extra ear pieces for larger options.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

Jayol 1080P Mini Spy Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detection

Hi guys, I’m very pleased to share this great little spy camera with all of you. I didn’t buy this with the intentions of using it as a spy camera but rather to put on my sons helmet during hockey games. It’s been such a pleasure to use and the quality is fantastic!

The camera has a slot for an sd card, I bought a 32gig and that holds a ton of time, however the system will loop after 24 hours. You can take the card out to transfer to your storage device and or let the system continue to loop.

You have 2 options for connecting to your home wifi and of to your phones wifi which then lets you connect to your hot spot via your mobile phone. Like all products that connect to your phone it is required to stay close to the phone for best results.

If you’re looking for a compact, easy to hide solution for a camera this is your item. It can allow you to easily monitor live or record any room in your home. This can be great for watching over valuable items or keeping an eye on the new nanny.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage