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10 Tips on How to Manage your Team Effectively

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The supervisors, managers and the top brass of any company always look for ways to improve the productivity of their subordinates. But it can’t be achieved if they are don’t know how to manage their team effectively. The efficient use of the resources and performing to the optimum is what every manager wants from his team but it isn’t a straightforward process.

It’s a dilemma for the owners of a business and the top management to how to manage the workforce in an effective manner. For a supervisor/manager the team can vary from 2-3 people to dozens of employees of varying age, designation, experience, etc. That’s where it becomes even more difficult and some of you look for shortcuts as how to manage your team.

This article will help you in this regard in the form of 10 tips that I think can be highly effective if you apply them with sincerity and commitment.

  • The Recruitment Process

The management you have to do for a team will be far less hectic and cumbersome if you have hired the right people for the right job. Don’t hire people for saving some bucks; instead find a capable person who can work well in your team with minimum supervision saving you important time that you can spend on managing other aspects of your business.

The process of hiring should be transparent and centered around the priorities you have in mind. Give considerable time to screening the resumes and selecting suitable candidates. This will make the interview process a lot easy and less time-consuming.

  • On-Job Training and Orientation

On-Job training is a continuous process. While some people need it at the early stages of their employment, others need it regularly. Getting used to a new software installed at the company and getting the related training is a good example why most or all employees need on-job training.

While some of the employees do have the work experience and expertise about the position for which they were hired, many others need some sort of orientation is required for them so that they can get gel well with the team for which they are hired and to shy away from the initial period where new employees feel nervous and reluctant in contacting any person or dealing with the work.

  • Obtain a Good Task Management Software

One question that business owners and managers ask the most on forums and with consultants is how to manage my team better and giving my resources the tasks as soon as they are free. A good task management tool or software can be of immense help so that you are able to perform your duty of managing your team efficiently.

A manager needs to get the complete picture of what’s happening within the team, what’s the progress of a certain task and the overall productivity of the team as well as that of each individual employee. A task management system or software can be the best solution so that you can track everything at the click of a button.

  • The Need of a Manager

Certain employees need the help of their managers to carry out a special task. Others look for their supervisor/senior person for any task they are assigned. These employees can be a real headache to handle and consume much time of the manager that surely is unproductive. As a senior member of the management, you need to think of ways to handle the situation and one way is to make them work independently.

As a manager, you need to give them the parameters to help them do their job without any supervision. In the beginning it will be difficult but you should apply this across all departments and start training employees in this regard. If one team can be trained then you will be sure that every employee in the company will be trained in some time.

  • Manager as a Role Model for the Team Members

The manager of a department or even a small team should act in a positive way and should be the role model of his immediate subordinates. The reason is simple; if the manager will act in a way showing that he is truly dedicated towards the company and in increasing the sales and revenue, only then the team members will be inclined to do the same.

Motivating the team members to manage them effectively is very difficult. Sometimes even perks and benefits are not enough for the employees to work harder if the manager doesn’t look sincere to the cause. So the role of the manager/supervisor/team lead is of pivotal importance.

  • Set Short-Term Goals and Strive to Achieve Them

Managing a large team can be difficult especially if there is no vision of the future in front of them. The manager’s role is crucial here as a team needs some sort of direction to get going. You can set monthly, quarterly or annual targets so that your team members are motivated throughout the period. Announce lucrative incentives too so that they have more reasons to achieve the target. This keep the focus of the employee on the target and the manager gets the work he needs in time.

  • An Open Door Policy

The employees need assistance from their managers or top management in a number of ways. There are times when they make mistakes too and need guidance in this regard too. An open door policy can be really effective as it can pave the way for any employee to meet his immediate boss or manager. This is done in order to make every employee feel that he is an important part of the company.

This policy can be applied to all the smaller teams consisting of 2-3 employees as well so that no one in the company feels left behind in terms of contacting the management for any grievance or matter important to them.

  • A Healthy and Relaxed Culture

The working of the company and the culture plays an important part in making sure the employees feel engaged in the day to day operation and motivated to work. An open culture with people whether working in a team or in a large department are allowed to work in a relaxed manner. You need to put your employees first and take better care of them so that in return they’ll work for you with passion, dedication and commitment.

  • Expanding the team at the Right Team

The manager’s role in making the decision about when to expand his team is crucial. A critical situation may require expansion of the time and on urgent basis too. But hiring the right person in his team is part of the management. The situation demands quick response but even then the manager should keep his composure and look for the best available talent as getting a wrong person will ruin the team.

  • Transparency in Every Aspect of Doing Business

The role of the manager in terms of sharing information about the clients and the financial health of the company is again of paramount importance. As the management of the company or a supervisor leading a team, the role is quite complex as transparency should be visible in every aspect. The matter becomes more crucial if you are starting a venture as your team should know where you stand in terms of financial health so that they can contribute to the company with their full capability.


To manage a team successfully is a difficult ask when it comes to make them productive. There are many issues involved but I have mentioned the 10 reasons which I think are important. That’s the reason why I am sure you will learn immensely from this article no matter if you work in a junior position or as a manager.

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About Saher Naseem

Saher Naseem is a Content Curator and Brand Strategist at TaskQue – an online task management software that simplifies project management process with its user-friendly and powerful features set. She has penned down many articles related to content marketing, social media trends, productivity tips, project management and staying organized. Follow her on Twitter.

Lexicon by StudioPress

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Interested in starting a news site or are you a new journalist trying to make it on your own? If so, you need to have a great looking site that can help display your content in a newsworthy way. To get that great looking site, you have a lot of choices to choose from. But some of those choices may not be best. To get the best look for your site, you need to choose a theme that not only looks good, but has the needed features to help readers find your site and read your content.

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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

10 Untapped Places To Get Backlinks From Now

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Building backlinks to a site is one of the toughest tasks in building a stable site. It should be also done with care else instead of getting your site rank higher, you’ll get penalized by search engines. In this quick useful post, I’ll be sharing with you 10 untapped places to get backlinks for now without getting penalized by search engines.


Are you a registered user with Fiverr? Fiverr is one of the best micro digital service selling sites with DA of more than 90 where you can buy & sell digital services flawlessly. If you have already an account with Fiverr then you are allowed to contribute & log into the Fiverr forum.

Visit your Fiverr forum setting & put your website in the homepage box.


BlogDash is the best untapped place to get quality & do follow backlinks. This is a community of the bloggers you wanted to meet with. BlogDash gives you a simple way to find other bloggers & list your own blogs.


Giphy is the best place to create, upload & share animated images with the whole Giphy community & with your friends. One positive feature with Giphy is that you’re free to upload images & include a link-back in the source of the image.

4:- Docs Sharing Sites

Have you ever noticed you can use Docs sharing websites to get backlinks from High PA & DA sites? There are numerous sites such as & etc where you can upload docs files including your backlinks in the document & get backlink from quality sites.


Storify is a site where you can share stories & include a link back to your site. Also, it gives you an opportunity to add a backlink in your author bio.


Are you going to organize an even? Eventbrite is the best place to create an even & get a backlink to your site. There are more high Domain Authority sites as well where you can create events & get backlinks free of cost from each event you create.

7:- Online Digital Forums

There are out are countless forums for every type of niches that provide you to become a registered member of their forums, participate in the forum, help their clients & get quality backlinks to your site in a return. Some of the examples of forums are, etc.

8:- is the best place to share your publications, stories, blog posts & get backlinks. The domain authority is more than 70 so sharing your site to this domain will give you much link-juice.


Like other bookmarking sites, also comes first here. You can listify everything you want in your account. Either you like to add your blog posts with a link or you want to save your images. The domain authority of is more than 60.


Have you put a video in your site or blog post? If you have then is the place for you to submit your site or blog post to get a backlink from this high DA & PA site. Create an account with it, go to my account, bookmark & put in your blog or site url & then click on Retrieve Video & you’re all set. After your video is retrieved, in the sidebar of the video, you’ll find a link to the video source.

Have you found more than this list? Please share them here in the comments.

About Yasar Ali

I'm Yasar Ali, Pro Blogger & Freelancer. I've been blogging since few years & making money out of my blogs effortlessly. Here you can find my latest blog post: Payoneer In Pakistan

Understanding Profitable SEO: Get it Right once!

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Have you heard about the various discussions about SEO but do not know what it actually means? You are not alone in that. Many people still do not know anything about SEO, and that is why I deemed it important to write about it. By the end of this article, you will understand the basics of SEO and the services offered.

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. To get a deeper understanding, you will need to understand what actually happens when you search anything on the web. Without going into the finer details of the exact algorithms used by the search engines, the result you get after a search query usually depends on the relevance of the web pages to your search. SEO involves the process of making your website relevant to achieve the best ranking and get traffic from an organic search on the search engines like Google.

Consequently, your website will be more visible on the web than before. This is the underlying goal of search engine optimization. For your business, it is important that your visibility on the web is kept constant at all times. This is very important in getting new clients for the services you offer and the products you produce. As is the plan of any business, getting clients and diversifying markets is very important. This is made possible through search engine optimization. This explains why you need search engine optimization.

It has been proved that using SEO services increase the rate at which your website converts potential customers to actual clients. It is therefore important to talk about some of the services offered by the many SEO companies and agencies. The choice of the services you want to get should go in line with your budget and the relevance to your growth. Most of the agencies and companies, such as Orange County CA will give you customized services that will suit the objectives of your business.

When you subscribe to the services for search engine optimization, you should expect, among many others, the following services:

  • Thorough Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most core services. Keywords are defined, in simple terms, as the exact words that users of the web use when searching for specific things. Most of the time, the results that one gets when searching the web will contain the words they used while searching. In the context of your website, it is also important to have such specific words on your web pages to be easily found when anyone searches on the web. This is healthy for the growth of your business.

It is the task of search engine optimization to do thorough research on the keywords. The methods used include surveying customers, getting suggestions from their clients, and mastering the Google Analytics among others. Once the keywords have been identified, they are used in the target pages of your website to increase relevance. This way, not only will your website be easily found, but it will also have a higher conversion rate of potential customers.

  • Link building

The experts working in the SEO companies are well trained on matters internet. This gives them an upper hand in building a link for your website. The main goal of link building is to increase the ranking of your website in reference to the ranking of the search engines. The advantage you get from effective link building is that the back links are considered as validations by the search engines and are used to increase your ranking.

However, not all companies provide this service in-house; some of them outsource to provide for their clients.

  • SEO Copywriting

Another of the many specialised services offered for search engine optimization is copywriting. This service usually comes after the research on keywords. It involves the artful insertion of the found keywords naturally both in copy and in writing to attract the search engines and visitors. The SEO experts will find a way of creating content with the aim of optimizing your website as well as promote higher conversion rates.

  • Web Design

SEO web design involves making your website as attractive as possible to attract visitors and ease their use of the website to have them return to the page. The web designers are dedicated to give you customized services that match with the goals of your business while staying relevant. The main goal of SEO web design should not be mistaken for the beauty of your website; there is an underlying goal of attracting massive traffic and converting them to new clients for your business.

To ensure the success of your business online, the designers will always be in touch with you to understand the objectives and the goals of your business and integrate that in the design infrastructure of your website.

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About Derek Iwasiuk

Derek Iwasiuk runs National Digital search engine optimisation firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEO’s and top agencies on Orange County CA and other emerging concerns in IT.

Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

Over the past decade, we witnessed a lot of digital transformation. One exceptional anomaly was the shift from traditional brick and mortar to contemporary forms of marketing. Businesses started to realize the power of the internet, that have the potential to carter an entire niche market and sell products/ services at a competitive edge.

In a digital world where everything is commodified, your competitive edge is determined based on the digital marketing strategy in place. Without an online marketing strategy in place, it becomes more and more unyielding to achieve online success.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a digital marketing strategy in place and what strategies are best for you.

Importance of Online Marketing Strategy

  • Setting Goals – If you don’t have an online marketing strategy in place then it will be arduous to expand your customer base, and a bewildered effort to determine your progress. Without knowing the progress it will be hard to achieve the end goal.
  • Cost Effective – Online marketing is one economical way to promote your products and services to a wide segment of the audience more effectively. Social networking campaigns are one best example where marketing messages can be sent out at a lower cost.
  • Wide reach – Gives you access to a mass audience who spend time online on a global scale. Whereas traditional marketing restricts the level of reach. As technology advances the opportunities of reaching your target audience increases exponentially.
  • Faster Impact – With a simple click prospect will get converted to paying customers. Stats published on says that, people who use the internet for pleasure spends an average of 100 minutes per day online. So it’s better to be where the users are.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies you should consider integrating into your marketing plan

Maintain a Blog – Content marketing Strategy

Blogs are one best way to a attract and retain customers. All top enterprises around the world have realized the power of organic traffic and are investing lot more in content. While maintaining a blog it’s obligatory to create high-quality articles that adds value to your target audience. Your blogs have to be a repository of informative articles and should be able to provide a seamless flow of user experience. Google uses algorithms to determine the level of engagement each article has. More the user invests his/ her time on your website more Google trusts your website.

Consistency plays an important role in blogging. Periodically creating content helps to engage customers consistently and produce article that has updated information. That means if you are trying to optimize an article based on the topic “Top Marketing Trends” and your competitor is also trying to optimize for the same keyword then Google will rank whichever article that has updated information (note- There are lot more factors that determine the ranking).

Maintaining a blog also helps you to position yourself as an industry expert. A blog gives you the voice to reach out to your target customers.

Engage and convert your customers through SMM Strategy

Social media is transforming into a marketplace of buyers and sellers. This platform comes with the unique ability of instantaneously reaching out to prospects and customers globally and provide solutions to their problems/ complaints, respond to their questions, etc. It is not wise to approach social media without a strategy.

Take advantage of current trends

Social media should be used to engage with your audience on a regular basis. Create small content around niche topics that are trending. Every social media is different from one another. Every social platform has a different purpose, so based on what social platform you are planning to interact the content have to be curated. Randomly posting the same content on all platforms won’t work. For eg: On facebook, you can use a casual tone while writing the snippet. Twitter is famous for its short messaging services, a lot of people uses twitter to know what’s trending every day. Whereas LinkedIn is a professional platform, so the content you publish on this platform should be more of an informative one with substantiating facts and figures.

Find target customers and market

It’s necessary that you find communities and groups where your target customers engage, and try to market your product/ services in those places. Randomly posting an article on your timeline will not give you the advantage you are looking for. For eg: If you are providing coworking spaces then the most effective community to promote is startup groups. That’s where most of your target customer’s interact.

Create a matrix to calculate the return

If you are investing in paid advertising on social media then you need to create a matrix to determine the ROI. A matrix helps to track the progress.

PPC to get instant search visibility and conversion

Paid advertising or Pay Per Click is quite common marketing technique among digital marketers. In simple terms a, PPC is a kind of advertising technique where you will pay the search engine a bid amount with an intent to rank on SERP. The bid is made for individual keywords that you wish to rank. Once you bid for a keyword the chances are high that you may rank for the keyword. Note that I didn’t mention that you will because there are certainly other factors like the quality score that determines the ranking factor.

PPC marketing strategy can pretty much consume all your budget if not wisely used. Usually, in PPC, the cost will be calculated based on the no: of times someone clicks a link (Cost Per Click), no: of times the Ad is shown (Cost Per Impression), or the no: of conversion you get. Ego based bidding is one main reason why marketers lose their money. Alway calculate what potential does a keyword has in view of bringing profit.

In PPC if your end objective is conversion, it is always better to bid for a long tail keyword in the decision stage of a buyer’s journey. Decision stage keywords clearly show the prospect’s interest towards the product/ service.

Why Email Marketing Strategy brings the best ROI

Stats published on says that on an average of 205 billion emails are sent daily and it’s estimated that the number will hit 246 billion by 2019. Email marketing gives you a better ROI, for every $1 spend you will get $40.

Let’s use an example for email marketing strategy. The e-commerce giant amazon has a clearly defined email strategy. You will never get an email from amazon addressing “dear customer”, Instead it will be a well personalized “Dear Nishant”. The suggestions or pitch will always be around the buyers post purchase/ browsing behavior.

A personalized email to your target audience with a giveaway of discounts or offers will drive better traffic to your website. A boutique store coming up with an offer like, 50% discount on all people who participate in the fashion show will definitely attract more people.

About Nishant Maliakel Oommen

Nishant Maliakel Oommen is a Guest author in Nishant is a blogger by passion and currently works as an SEO Analyst in Kamkash. Nishant is also an expert in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. He thrives in challenging environments and is adroit in inbound marketing. At present Nishant Works as a Digital Marketer in Kamkash - Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Everything You Need To Know About URL Slugs In WordPress

URL slugs are one of the most important components of any WordPress site. But what are they, exactly?

If you have worked with WordPress in the past, you have probably heard the term “URL slug” at least once or twice. Automatically generated from the title of a blog post, slugs appear at the end of the post’s permalink. They are usually only a few words long, and can be directly modified either before or after a post’s creation.

For example, a post titled “URL Slugs Tutorial” might appear as The full URL is the permalink, and the bolded bit is the slug. There are a few things you can do with this slug – and a few things you should know about it, as well.

Optimizing Your Slugs and Links

Although it is entirely acceptable to leave your URL slugs as-is after creating new posts, I would recommend taking at least a few measures to optimize them. While there exists no evidence to suggest that placing keywords in your permalink will improve your search rankings, Google does make it clear in its SEO Starter Guide that a well-structured URL makes it easier for the search engine to crawl your pages. Perhaps more importantly, according to Google overly-long URLS tend to be harder to share, and less trustworthy.

With that in mind, here are some best practices for your permalinks:

  • Keep things simple. Use as few words as possible, and make use of shortlinks if necessary. For example, a post titled “Choosing the best coffee maker for your morning cup of joe” could have its slug shortened to “best-coffee-maker-morning-cup.”
  • Regularly check the trash folder on your blog, and empty it if there are any posts sitting there – otherwise, you might end up with duplicate urls.
  • Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not change your slug after you have published a post. Doing so will break any existing links to that post on the web. This includes shortlinks.

A Few Additional Points

Before I wrap up, I would like to go over a few points of confusion I have seen clients express in the past. Firstly, URL slugs are permanent after a post is created – nothing short of manually editing them will cause them to change. You can edit a post’s headline and update its content to your heart’s content.

That said, there is one thing you should avoid doing. If your permalinks are configured to include the post’s date of publication, leave that untouched once a post has gone live. Even something as simple as changing the day on which a post was published can break existing links.

Closing Thoughts

And that’s all there is to it. You now know everything you need to about how permalinks work in WordPress. If you have any further questions about the platform as a whole, check out the  WordPress Codex.

About AJ Morris

AJ Morris is the Managed WordPress Product Manager for Liquid Web, a fully managed hosting company. He has extensive experience both developing WordPress sites and speaking at WordPress events. AJ leads product and go to market strategy for Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress product line. Liquid Web's Platform as a Service solution for WordPress hosting allows you to seamlessly host multiple sites and access top-quality 24/7 Heroic Support®.