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4 Google Related Myths Most Bloggers Believe!

Search engine myths are all over the place especially Google related myths. No matter if you are a newbie blogger or a seasoned pro blogger, chance are you have head and possibly believed a few myths related to search engines that have been circulating around the web for a long time. Especially myths about Google. And Google’s secrecy about how its search engine operates, has helped to spread such myths.

I cant find any clear answers, so My brains comes up with an answer that makes sense to me; I write about it, you pick it up, add your own take on it and write about it, another person reads your post and they do the same with it and so on. This circle continues over and over again, until after a while it becomes like a god given word and everybody takes it as a fact.

Well, I am going to challenge that. Here are some of the most well-known Google myths along with a few questions that I like you to ask yourself. After reading this post, you can decide for yourself if you wanna believe those myths or you believe that they indeed are only myths. With that said, here are 4 Google Related Myths (at least from my point of view):

Myth # 1:

Backlinks from “relevant” sites

This is totally nonsense. Look at all the social bookmarking sites that have incoming links from thousands of sites that have no relevancy to “social bookmarking” topic what so ever. How come they are not penalized? How come sites like dig and twitter are amongst the highest ranking sites?…

Myth # 2:

Too many links too quickly.

Isn’t everybody telling you write quality content so other people will link to you? So, what will happen if you write a fantastic post that goes viral and hundreds of sites link to your site? Isn’t that whats happening to sites like Facebook, twitter (not because of their content obviously, but because of their usefulness)?

Myth # 3:

Different keywords for your anchor text.

Do a search for “click here” in Google! Adobe is #1! Because thousands of websites have used the “click here” keyword to link to adobe. If adobe was penalized, then how come its still #1 for that keyword. Plus, how would you control what anchor text keywords other people use to link to you?

Myth # 4:

Submitting the same articles to article directories.

There is no such a thing as duplicate content penalty, at least not in a way most people think. If that was the case, then whats with all the high pr successful article directories all over the internet? Most of them have the same articles published on their sites with the exact title and everything. How come we never hear about any article directory being penalized for having duplicate content? Take EzineArtciles for example; You can find the same articles published on ezine, on other article directories, websites, and blogs. Yet, ezine receives thousands of visitors a day and has a page rank of 6!

These are some of the mostly wide spread and sadly most believed myths out there that just a few simple questions will easily shake their foundation. So, the next time you hear any of the above myths or any other myths for that matter, stop for a second and ask yourself a few questions. Usually you can find such questions and also the answer to them by looking at big well-known website and how the myth may related to them.

Please feel free to challenge my questions and my position on any of the above things that I believe to be only myths. As I said, since there are no official answers, no one really knows the answer, including me. So I am open to debate.

Also, please feel free to leave a comment and share with us any other search engine related myths, especially Google related myths you know of.

Top 10 Tuesdays – Hottest Blog Posts On #BlogEngage 2018-09-11

This week is pretty exciting as I have found some amazing posts for our Top 10 Tuesdays. If you’re new here each week (Tuesdays) I feature the top 10 posts I find here on Blog Engage for you our members to enjoy.

These posts, for the most part will benefit all our readers in some way or another, either it be business, social media, personal finance and more. My intentions is to help you find new content to comment on bloggers to build new relationships with.

If you want a chance for your blog posts to be listed here make sure to sign up to Blog Engage. As an additional helping hand I’ve also started sharing both the story ur for voting and blog post for commenting.

Top 10

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I hope you enjoy the list, I like to think there’s a little something here for most of us. Give these top 10 posts a try, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions for posts. Thanks for visiting and supporting our community.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

5 Expert Tips For A Win-Win Slideshow

Slideshows are your tool to inspire your clients with your breakthrough presentation. And when it comes to your clients, nothing but the best will work here. We all know the basics of creating a slideshow in the modern tech-driven age. But, how to create the best impactful slideshow?

Well, there are some little nuances and tweaks that can transcend your slideshow from a plain basic to a complete win-win solution.

The post below highlights the best golden tips that will enable you to create and share the most impactful slideshow before your clients.

Count on multimedia

It’s one of the most important tips to design great slideshows. Multimedia is the present and future of the contemporary tech-driven world. When you are looking to build maximum impact, you have to present a dynamic visual before your audience. And multimedia is your trump card here. So, added to photos and text, try to spice up the slides with audio, animation and charts as well. The bottom-line is to create an engaging and immersive impact with both visual and audio effects.

Avoid too much text

A slideshow is more of a visual thing. Thus, long paragraphs of texts would actually kill the engaging ambience that you are looking to build up with the presentation. Your aim should be too highlight the main aspects and unique points of your offering in as little time as possible. No need to get into details with the slides. According to experts, do not go beyond 3-4 bullet points on each slide. Try to insert high quality graphics and pictures between two text-based slides.

Templates will save time

If you are in a rush, don’t waste time by creating slides from scratch. The smartest thing to do here is to bank on slideshow templates. Leading software developer Movavi has come up with a versatile range of slide templates for any theme of slideshows. All the templates here are created by professionals and they include advanced filters, titles and transitions for any occasion.

Thanks to the templates, you will be able to allot more time on the main content of your presentation.

Maintain consistency

The idea is to maintain a smooth visual consistency throughout the slideshow. Thus, slideshow creators should be very careful about the themes they plan to use in the presentation. Right from the language of the text to the selection of images to the background color to the overall ambience- everything should be in perfect tune with each other.

 Be careful of the charts

You have to use charts to make your presentation more tangible for the audience. Here are tips on which charts would be perfect for what kind of data:

  • Pie charts will be great for showing percentages
  • Vertical bar charts will be applicable to explain major changes in quantity, say over a certain timeline
  • Horizontal bar charts are great for comparing quantities, like sales numbers in 3 regions of your company
  • Line charts will be especially great to detail trends

One final tip: If you will be presenting in dark room, go for dark backgrounds & light fonts. But if you will be presenting in a place with sufficient ambient light, bank on white background dark fonts.

About Mahendra Bajiya

Mahendra Bajiya is a tech-entrepreneur and avid blogger who is constantly creating content. He is particularly interested in new trends that could impact content marketing and social media.

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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

The Real Key to Blogging Success

You are an upcoming or a newbie blogger and you want to achieve a successful blogging career. Now you can do it in 2 ways.

1) The hard way and the

2) Hard Way. Both ways are hard but let me tell you the difference.

1) The hard way – Find out everything for yourself way. Now, this is a good way. But the hard part is that you don’t know where to start, what to do next.

2) The Hard Way – Let the real bloggers help you. Use and read e-books.

This article is about the 2) the Hard Way.

The Blogging Formula

Creativity (25%)
Promotion (25%)
Engagement (25%)
Time (20%)
Language and skill (2.5%)
Design (2.5%) + Others (SEO, Money) (5%)

= 105% Successful Blogging Career

Yes, this article is based on the same old idea but different buildup.

This article will answer these questions :

How to Write Laconic Articles ?
How to Become a Unique Blogger ?
How to Become a Social Media King ?
How much time should I invest ?

The answers to these questions will account of 90% of your blogging success. The rest 10% is the easiest portion.

How to Become a Unique Blogger – Overall ?

To become a unique blogger, you need to have some different, that makes you unique from others. These unique characteristics may include writing style, tweeting style, consistency style etc. As you know, we all have different DNA, so make your articles stand out, make them unique. Add your style to your own blog. Don’t be a professor (unless you are ;)) Talk to your readers. Informal writing is way better than formal. Write persuasively. Tweet differently. Act differently.

How to Write Laconic Articles ? – 25%

What do you mean by “laconic” articles ? Laconic means short and concise. They have the vital information and they are short. Writing these kinds of articles are moderately difficult. You can make your own articles laconic by examining and editing them after some time (say for like 2 days.) Editing after some time allows you to cross examine your article and make some good changes. Reading and editing your article from a different viewpoint is another way you can make your articles laconic (Trim out the unnecessary). You should write articles in a way that they will create a spark in the reader’s brain. Try to trim articles in a way that your readers will comment. You should also be careful when writing your article – Off topic extend. Be sure not to write off topic articles. Stay focused on your topic.

You can also extend articles you have written. You can also extend other blogger’s topic. These two ways allows you to form new and new posts. Also remember that it is the Quality that matters, not the qauntity.

How does this relate to Creativity ?

Creativity says “write whatever you want”. That’s ok, when you are in artistic world. But for blogging, editing and ideas are more important. I agree that creativity allows you to make new and new ideas. I advise you to use your creativity as much as you can. Use your own Brain. Create a storm in your own brain to come up with new and new ideas. Remember Creativity acoounts for 25% of your blogging success.

How to Become a Social Media King ? – 25%

After you publish your article, you want others to comment and share your article right ? If you want that, you need to promote your article first. Promotion = Exposure to more people. Using Social Media effectively will help you to grow the number of subscribers for your blog.

Tweeting Differently will help you to grow in number of twitter followers. You can even tweet only ads and still get followers. How ? Tweet Differently. You may even add your life experience to your tweets. You can apply the same idea to your facebook fan page. Instead of posting “normal” updates, you can post it differently. Changing Your titles a bit when posting to Social Media is also a good idea. Essential Part is “Use Your Brain in Social Media”.

Your followers expect something from you. When you go beyond their expectation, they will recommend you, they will promote you. The important part about Becoming a Social Media King is uniqueness. Being Unique = More Traffic.

Engagement – 25%

Engage with your readers. Comment on other blogs. Reply to your readers. Express gratitude for commenting (Allows you to form positive relationships with your readers). Help other bloggers. Form positive relationships. Guest blog. Guest blogging opens up lot of advantage to you – Exposure and Reputation. Build up your reputation among bloggers and among other people by guest blogging.

How Much Time Should I Invest ?

Lot of. Yes, Time is money. The more you invest, more the profit is. Time accounts for 15%. Always try to follow a pattern when blogging – Keep your consistency (A good pattern would be 3 or 4 articles per week). Readers will also evaluate you in time basis. How much time do you invest in blogging ? When you follow a consistent blogging pattern, your readers know of it. So, people will be expecting another post. Don’t make them frustrated !

Ok, I have told you all about 90% of factors that play a major role in building up your blogging career. Now you need to work on Language, Design and others (Seo/Money etc.)

I wish you Best of Luck !

About Jeevan Jacob John

Hey, my name is Jeevan Jacob John and I am just a blogger who believes in simplicity at its best. I write at Blog Networking 101 and at Blog Preneurs

Top Marketing Mistakes By Bloggers

You might not be a noob when it comes to blogging but you sure might be when it relates to marketing. Chances are as you read this post you will have done one or more of these blog marketing mistakes.

As bloggers we spend a lot of time writing content and even more so trying to market it to increase our traffic. For this reason we have to ensure we are doing everything we can to increase our reach and marketing efforts.

Making Easy Connections

When setting up our blog it’s important to ensure we have our social media accounts in our sidebar or the footer of the blog. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried to follow a blog but they have left little to no means of connecting via social media.

When you set up your social share buttons it’s so important to make sure you fill out the twitter handle for your tweets. This allows two things to happen. One, it allows you to know when users are actually sharing your content. This is going to be the first step in building new connections. Second it allows users to also easily follow and connect with you.

Profile Branding

No matter what site you sign up with, Blog Engage, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc you have to maintain a strong consistent brand. You do this by creating the same profile picture, username on all your social media accounts. This will help you increase your brand awareness and authority across multiple social media websites.

Level of Engagement

Do not waste this opportunity to make new connections. When you finally have someones attention either it be Blog Engage, Facebook, Twitter, keep the conversation going. Do not let the opportunity fall short. Try to create a next step, you can do this by linking to something specific or simply asking an open ended question. For whatever reason do not let that conversation go to waste, make the most out of it, try and make that sale.


Whatever you do, do not let that big ego of yours get in the way. Just because someone doesn’t follow you doesn’t mean you cannot follow them. Creating new connections means you need to engage the audience and one method is to simply follow the prospect and to tweet some of their latest posts. This is always a great way to start a new relationship on a very positive point.

If you want people to find you and take you serious you have to make sure you are not failing and doing some of the marketing mistakes I’ve mentioned above. Take your time to set up your social media presence and ensure you are doing it correctly. Allow users an easy way to follow you and engage with your audience. Always continue making new connections and never stop.

Do you have something to add to my post? Leave a comment below and I will be sure to add it to our article with a link back to your blog. So what are you waiting for? Let’s connect.

Image courtesy of adamr at


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

5 Reasons You Need Web Hosting For Your Blog

Any website or blog cannot survive on the web on its own unless it is appropriately managed and provided the right security. Apart from that, a web host has many other perks as well that make having a web host seem better than not having one.
A web host is a server where you store all your files that are necessary for your website to function. The web host rents out space to the clients and provides certain privileges depending on the type of web host it is. There are mainly four types of web hosts including, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting. You can visit HostiServer for reliable web hosting packages. If you do not have a web host for your blog yet, you need to read these five reasons why it is a must-have.

1. Control

When you have your website on platforms like Blogger or Tumblr, you have to agree to specific terms and conditions for the website to remain online. Sites can be taken down just because of breaking a certain rule or condition. If you want to build your website, then this is one risk you cannot take. Even if the website does get back online, you will have lost crucial sales during that time period. Having control over your website is a major advantage of getting your blog a web host.

2. Customization Options

Another issue that you will face with free hosting platforms is that your website will share branding with the free host. This will tarnish your credibility with customers and will impact the design of your site. With a free option, you cannot expand or customize your website as you wish and you will have limited access to tools and plugins. With the right web host, you can customize your website as you require.

3. Safety

Without proper measures and steps, you can never be sure about the security of your site. With the CMS, the security plugins, and other similar tools, you can be sure that your website will have a higher level of security. Also, all the good web hosting companies offer 24/7 expert support, so in case you face any issues, you will be able to ask for assistance.

4. Backups

Backups are essential for any website and are part of keeping it secure. With a web host, you do not have to worry about backing up your data anymore as the service provider will do it for you. Having a web host do all of this will be much better as not everyone is a professional in this field.

5. SEO Ranking

What any website or blog need is traffic, and one cannot attract much traffic if she or he does not know anything about SEO or if their website is slow. A good web host makes sure your website is fast, experiences minimum downtime and receives maximum traffic.

We hope that you will now have a better understanding of how helpful a web host can be.

Image courtesy of cookie__cutter at


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

The Complete Guide To Make Money Blogging For Free!

We can’t deny the fact that there are more bloggers who used free blogging platform than the self-hosted one. The reason is that, maybe the new blogger don’t have the money to invest a web hosting plan and domain yet or just trying out blogging just for fun.

But as we can see, most bloggers tend to monetized their blog using google adsense and sometimes  put some affiliate banner ads on their sidebar. The question is, do they already made money from their blogs?

Today, I will dedicate this post to all bloggers who does blogging in free blogging platform – especially those blogspot users that want to make money from their blogs without spending a dime. Experienced bloggers can also try this technique.

Sounds to good to be true but it is real and effective. Here’s how:

1. Choose A Topic That You Like.

In choosing a topic that you are passionate, you can share more in depth things of information to your readers. Of course, you can join their conversation with other people who also love what you are sharing.

I believe that all topics or niches can be monetize and could earn good income from it. Except, for those blogs that only talked about yourself and doesn’t benefit to your readers.

But if you think that your personal life experience would be beneficial to your readers, then go and share it just bear in your mind that blogging is about sharing for the benefit of your readers.

2. Do Keyword Research.

Whatever niche you are in now, I am very sure that their are lots of keywords in your niche that haven’t tapped yet. Especially those long-tailed keywords that have fair search volume that below 50k pages in competition.

Don’t know how? Here’s what you need to do:

Step One:

Open the google keyword tool and type your blog’s main keyword. Under “Match Type”, choose “phrase” to find how many searches that your main keyword has. Upon scrolling down, you will see more keyword suggestions that has a good quantity of searches too.

Step Two:

Open to know how competitive does the keyword is. To do this, choose keyword term from google keyword tool suggestions and paste in on google search box. Make sure that you put a “quote” between keyword term to know what are those pages who promote the keyword in exact phrase.

Step Three:

After pressing the enter button in your keyboard, you will see the top 10 search results. And under the search box, you will find how many pages who promote such keyword term.

To know what keyword you should also promote, see to it that pages competing is below 50k pages or depending how many searches that the keyword has. Choose at least 5 – 10 keywords for you to promote. To be guided, I will recommend you to use a chart called MoneyWord Matrix of Niche Profit Classroom. See how to use it here!

4. After Choosing Some Keywords.

Now, that you already have your keywords,  create an article related to one of your keywords. Make sure that this article is beneficial to your readers and not just for the purpose of ranking to search engines.

5. Do Blogspot On-Page Optimization.

Before you type a title for your article, type the keyword first and wait for a second till blogspot give you a permalink for your post. Then change that keyword to your real title that also contain your keyword phrase.

On the first 100 words of your article, construct a sentence that your keyword would appear in your post and bold it. Repeat the keyword for the second time in the next 2nd – 3rd paragraph but don’t bold it and don’t do it again on that post. Then review your post before publishing.

6. Publish and Beyond.

After clicking the publish button, repeat step 4 and step 5 to the rest of your keyword term you have. After that, build 2 – 3 inbound links to each of your post daily for at least 1 week and add one links in the future weeks to come.

How to build inbound link (backlinks)?

You can do this via blog commenting on related do follow blogs, article submissions, comment and post articles on web 2.0 sites, comment on .edu and .gov blogs and guest post on other related blog if available.

I will strongly recommend you to submit one article to ezine articles daily that is related to one of your post. Don’t worry about the updates of posting in your blog, because your great content  that your blog have is already enough to benefit your readers.

7. Social Media Marketing and Monetization.

Social media sites is very useful on gathering traffic from its users. Especially on twitter and facebook. I would recommend you to create a fan page and group for your blog. But be most active in your facebook group because that would be your medium on exchanging conversations with your readers and also the channel of generating targeted traffic to your blog.

In monetizing your blog, put an adsense ad block within the post or in the header of your blog. In addition, also put 4 blocks of 125*125 banner ad of the product that you are affiliated with.

Above your banner ads, put your subscription box, under the banner ads, put  a like box for your facebook fanpage and recent post below it. Then repeat step 5 till you reach to the front page of google serps. That’s for sure.

My Words And Tips.

If you do these steps above consistently, I guarantee you that you will make your blog push in front of google serps and receive your first income from your blog.

If ever you want me to personally guide you, just contact me and I will be glad to show you the way.

It’s Up To You…

Help your friends to make money too by sharing this post to facebook, twitter and etc…

About Felix Albutra

Felix Albutra is a Freelance Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. He also blog on his Online Jobs Tips Blog that shares how to work from home as Freelancer. He will also be sharing some internet marketing tips, blogging, seo and the likes.