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7 SEO Tips: Supercharge Your Search Engine Rankings

We all know the benefits of having good search engine rankings,

Consistent evergreen traffic, leads, and sales.]

And here’s what: SEO is not rocket-science. It’s pretty simple when you know what to work with and how to do stuff.

Here are 10 simple SEO tips that can give you a super quick ranking boost, and improve user experience at the same time:

Increase the size of posts

This advice has been rehashed for as long as I can remember, and for a reason- longer posts simply rank better.

And it has been confirmed over and over again, from a number of studies.

Start increasing the average size of the posts, and keep a minimum post length of 2000 words. The size should preferably be in the  2000 to 3500 words range.

Include more images

Who likes to read drab, boring text with no pictures? No one!

We know that including images in content will certainly and significantly improve its overall appeal.

But what makes it so important?

Adding images makes the content much more engaging, and increases on-page time, which is a very important Google ranking factor.

But just adding images randomly won’t do. Include the alt attributes within image tags because search engine bots read alt attributes.

And not just that:

Google’s image search picks up on the image names so it is essential to include keywords in the image names. Provide an accurate description of the image not only in the file name but also in the alt attribute.

And instead of using underscores between words, go for dashes. And of course, stay away from non-alpha characters.

The Title tag is Half of Your On-Page SEO

It is a matter of vital importance to give each page and post on the site a proper, descriptive and well-optimized title tag.

Even though the importance of the title tag is well known, most webmasters find workarounds for optimizing their title tags that hinder SEO. Some examples are WordPress plugins that add the ‘- Domain Name’ slug at the end of the title, resulting in title tags that exceed the 65 char recommended limit.

This is an even bigger problem on ecommerce stores. In a study we did to find the best ecommerce platform for SEO, we found that some very popular ecommerce platforms don’t even offer the ability to add independent page titles!

Make sure you take a look at your title tags and optimize them one by one.

Internal page linking

This one is such a no-brainer, but a hugely underutilized strategy that when Brian Dean posted on how he achieved first page rankings for uber-competitive SEO keywords simply by adding an interlink from one his previous posts on Backlinko, the entire community went haywire.

Here’s exactly how you can use this strategy:

Go over to Ahrefs, and find the top performing content on your website or blog using the ‘Best by Links’ section in the sidebar.

This page will show the pages on your website or blog that has the most number of backlinks.

Simply add interlinks using target anchors to other pages on your blog or website that you want to rank.

Easy peasy.

Optimize your Robots.txt for crawl budget

For SEO newbies, the Robots.txt text file assists the search spiders in indexing the site. It is located in the server’s root directory and indicates to the search spider which pages are to be indexed. If any page is not indexed, that page won’t make it to the search results.

Okay, now here’s where it gets technical:

Search engines allocate a crawl budget for all website in their index. Which means- search engine spiders will only crawl your website so much every month. We need to optimize our Robots.txt file for this crawl budget so that useless pages are not indexed or crawled, and only the pages that we want to appear in the SERPs are crawled.

How many times have you seen those nasty PHP and .css files on your site popping up in the SERPs? It’s not only useless having them show up in Google, but it’s a sign that search spiders are crawling stuff that need not be crawled.

So block them, period.

Noindex Tags and Category Pages

This is one of the first issues we fix on client websites when they sign up. Category pages are useful for ecommerce websites. They might serve some UX advantage on blogs. But do you really need them to show up in Google, when all the content that shows up on a category page is content from other blog posts?

Although it’s unlikely that Google will slam anyone with a duplicate content penalty over such a petty issue, I wouldn’t want my category pages ranking above my blog posts.

Not to mention that tag pages are both useless both from a UX and SEO point of view.

So, just go ahead and noindex, follow your tag and category pages. (Follow so that spiders can crawl them).

Use a CDN

Website load speed is known to be a very important Google ranking factor.

Using a CDN is a genius hack that you can use to get your website to load faster and reduce latency. This tip is so helpful because setting up a CDN is as easy as pointing your DNS from your registrar to your hosting. And with the number of companies that offer CDNs these days, you can get a good plan for cheap.

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Catalin is the founder of Inspired Mag, and his current obsessions are Sun Ra and matcha tea. He tweets at @zorzini and photo blogs at @matcha_tea_com

Evolution by Elegant Themes

Are you looking a fully responsive WordPress theme that different layouts and themes for your business. Maybe a theme that can display featured content, feature images with a slider, maybe even a members log on page, and a portfolio to show off your latest projects. If so, I have found the perfect theme for you.

On November 21, Elegant themes released another great theme. Evolution is one of those themes that has a simple and classic design. Its fully responsive so it will adapt to any screen size you or your readers can throw at it.

Four Color Schemes

You have the choice between four color schemes; White, Blue, Green and Red.

Optional Blog-Style Structure

Evolution was created to be page-based structure for a CMS site. But if you want to run it as a blog, then you can use the theme as blog instead.

Page Templates

The theme has different page templates to choose from, all designed to make your life easier. These page templates are pre-made layouts and utilities that can be applied to individual pages, so you can change the looks and functions to create a different look for your different page templates.

Automated Thumbnail Resizing

Evolution utilizes timthumb to automatically resize your thumbnail images. This way, you only need to upload one image even if the theme uses different thumbnails.

Advertising Management

The theme has an optional advertisement system that makes it easy to place 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads to your post pages with ease. If you want to use advertisements on your site, then its handled within the wp-admin panel.

For more information and to try out the demo, check out Evolution’s demo page.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

411 Pro Theme from Studiopress

The 411 theme has been recently launched by Studiopress. It’s one of the most elegant and simple looking premium WordPress theme. Like most of the recent releases, it contains HTML5 markup and is a completely responsive theme which means the site can be opened effortlessly on both desktop and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


The 411 Theme is actually one of the best and simple looking themes. You can also have a custom homepage. The homepage will have a custom widget in which you can add any custom HTML template. The custom widget is also helpful for welcoming new visitors on your blog. You can tell your new readers what your website is actually about. The theme also contains custom footer widgets. You can also add HTML templates to the footer.

The theme also supports threaded comments which means you can have nested comments up to a certain level. It actually helps in comment and reply management on your blog and thus, providing more flexibility. The theme also supports a floating social sharing plugin which includes sharing buttons which lets visitors share your posts directly from your blog.

411 pro

You also need to make sure that you have the Genesis Framework installed on WordPress before installing this child theme. Without it, the theme won’t work. The Genesis Frame acts like a parent theme to it’s child theme. Some of the features of the child theme are actually inherited from the parent theme.

In terms of template, you get three predefined templates namely archive, columns and landing page. The archive page can be used to show your list of posts. The columns page can be used to show different no. of columns in a custom page. It’s actually pretty great to show some of the features of your blog. The landing page can be used to create attractive sales pages to get more conversions on your blog. It can actually help you earn more from your blog. The theme also has a contact page which you can use to let your visitors contact you through an e-mail.


The Genesis Framework and the 411 pro theme together is priced at $99.95. When you  buy the theme, you get instant access and unlimited updates and support. It’s a one-time purchase and you also get access to detailed tutorials.

So make sure you check out the The 411 Theme because it’s awesome and I recommend it.

About Brian

My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

9 Effective uses of Social Media

Next to the search engines Social media sites are the largest source of free traffic for any web site, service or online business. However, running a blog in combination with effective use of social media sites will in turn also increase the traffic you receive on a daily basis from the search engines.

Of course this requires using the social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest in the most effective way possible. For this we created this list of 9 effective tips and pointers on how to make the most from your social media accounts.

1. Tweet and re-tweet posts

Make sure that every blog post you make also gets tweeted on Twitter. That way you will receive immediate traffic to your new blog post, but this new post will also get indexed by the search engines almost instantly. In order to make the most of your content, most popular blogging platforms have special twitter plug ins available to re-tweet your old posts within a time period you specify. This way you create a lasting stream of visitors from twitter to your blog.

2. Using Facebook Properly

Just like on twitter, make sure that all your blog posts get shared on Facebook, where your friends can find them. Using tools like Feedburner can automate this process. Also Facebook offers apps that will let you use the RSS feed from your blog to automatically post your content on your time line. In addition, make sure your posts come with an image so they stand out and attract readers.

3. Create Groups

When your blog is about a niche, another good idea is to create a public group for it where all your posts can also be placed and discussed. This will not only attract your friends but because it is a public group everyone with an account on the social network site can read your posts. This is an excellent way to raise traffic fast.

4. Pinterest

This is a relatively new, yet very powerful means of raising traffic. It is worth it to polish your images and use them on Pinterest. Like with most things online, it is going to be a matter of trial and error to find out what works for you on Pinterest and what not, but once you found the right type of images and accompanying text for your blog you will be pleasantly surprised.

5. Stumbleupon

This is one of the older social media sites and not a social network, but a social bookmark site. This is a great source for additional traffic to your blog. Simply make sure all your posts get added and from time to time people are going to “stumble” upon them. The more posts you have on there the more traffic you will receive over time.

6. Instagram

While there is no way to directly link your content on this social media site, it is a good way to inform those who follow you that new content has been published on your blog. For maximum effect, make sure that you emphasise the fact that your “gram” is about fresh new content.

7. Google+

While one of the largest social network sites out there next to Facebook, use of Google+ is still far behind compared to Facebook. However, Google+ has other benefits and will work miracles for your search engine rankings if your content is of high quality. In other words, make sure all your posts end up on Google + as well.

8. Bloglovin

Since Google has pulled the plug on its reader, more and more people are switching over to Bloglovin as an alternative. Therefore, now is the time to make sure all your posts contain a “Follow me on Bloglovin” link. This is an excellent way to build up returning traffic to your blog.

9. Be active

This is perhaps the most important way to increase traffic to your blog overall. Be active on all the social networks you use for traffic generation. Join appropriate groups, voice your opinion frequently. In other words be there and establish a presence. This will help you build up friends and followers bases fast, which in turn will bring in more traffic to your blog every time you post about your latest publication.

Don’t forget to have fun

This may sound like a cliché, but it hold very true. Spontaneous participation in social activities on and off line will produce results faster, better and it will make it last. Web masters, marketeers and bloggers who simply pop up just to do a drive by spam to post their content usually don’t last very long online. It’s the bloggers and site operators who enjoy what they do and show this that will be able to build up their networks a lot faster, so indeed: Don’t forget to have fun!

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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

Vertex Theme from Elegant Themes

Vertex theme from Elegant Themes is one of the best premium WordPress themes out there. It is actually a great theme for service providers that who want to showcase their products and the services.

Vertex Theme Features

The Vertex theme is one of the most versatile and flexible WordPress theme there is. The most impressive part of the theme is the stunning looking homepage with stunning images in the background which actually lets your visitors engage with your site and you can equally showcase your services to a whole new level.

At the very top, you will find a very attractive looking menu which acts as a very good navigational guide for incoming readers and potential customers.


As you scroll down the homepage, you are greeted with different types of animated content including your portfolio section. You will also come across a great looking animated fully responsive content slider which supports both images and text. The slider is actually very helpful when it comes to showcasing your best works.

The homepage also consists of a great looking animated testimonial section. The images have special effects when you hover over them and their testimonials also appear just above them automatically.

The theme also has a custom blog page which lets you display all your posts in a blog style format. It also has a separate portfolio page which lets you showcase all your services and skills. The Vertex theme is actually a great choice for small business owners and service providers.

In terms of page templates, the Vertex theme also has a separate image gallery page which lets you display all your images in a single page with some nice animation effects.

You can also create a custom team page on your site which highlights your team members and the domains they are expert in.

Shortcodes Support

One of the main reasons Elegant Themes is so popular is because of their wide range of shortcodes support. You can actually create lots of stuff by using the shortcodes which includes pricing charts, tabbed content, column width contents, colorful buttons, content slider, image slideshow , tooltips, social media buttons and even password protecting your content.


You can buy the Vertex theme and acquire all the other Elegant themes for only $39. You don’t need any other framework. All of the functions are controlled by a separate ePanel. Buy it and install it and you’re good to go. So, make sure you check it out as I highly recommend it.

About Brian

My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

7 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Blog Comments

Blog comments are important for a blog, it shows the growth and quality of a blog. It doesn’t make sense if the blog you build doesn’t have even a comment, it might be your content does not sticky enough to get your readers to leave a comment, or you have not done enough work to get your readers to contribute their opinion on your blog.

If you want to get people leave comment on your blog, first you have to know what mistakes that you’ve done, then you can avoid and don’t repeat the mistakes, and improve your blog to get more comment. You have to do something to attract your readers to leave a comment after reading a blog post, it’s not an impossible mission but you have to do it the right way.

7 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Blog Comments

1) You Didn’t Leave Comment On Other Blogs
Blog hopping and leaving comment on other blogs is important, you want people to leave comment on your blog, then you have to do it first on other blogs. When the blog owner sees you contribute an honor comment, then they’ll be happier to leave you a comment on your blog in return. It’s the concept of “give and take”.

2) You Didn’t Reply Blog Comment
Alright, now you’ve gotten a blog comment on your blog. You need to be sure that the commentator will be coming back on the next few days to leave another comment on your latest blog post. Be sure you reply their first comment to show that they’re respected, and they’ll be your regular readers and commentators. Never ignore even it’s a critic comment.

3) You Didn’t Use Plugin To Benefit Commentator
Nowadays, most of the people leave comment because they want something in return from you, traffic and backlinks. If you give them what they want, then they’ll be happier to leave a comment. There are several wordpress plugins which would benefit commentators such as KeywordLuv, CommentLuv, Top Commentator, and etc. Spend some times and install the plugin on your blog, you’ll see the differences.

4) You Didn’t Dofollow Link From Commentator
It goes same to #3, you need to give advantage to your commentators, reward them something for their contribution. What they want is just a dofollow backlink juice from your blog. If you want your readers to leave a comment with desired keyword link, then you might need to install a dofollow wordpress plugin to make their link dofollow. It would definitely increase the conversation rate on your blog.

5) You Didn’t Write Call-To-Action Post
Blog content is the key that makes your readers to leave comment, sometimes people don’t leave comment even your post is quality and unique because they don’t know what to comment, it’s because your post is perfect and they don’t want to just say “Great post! I agree with you!”. So you have to make it to be a “call-to-action post”, it means that you can ask a simple and related question at the end of the post, and ask your readers to share their thoughts.

6) You Didn’t Show Your Enthusiasm While Interacting With Readers
While interacting with your readers, you need to behave yourself. You can’t be rude to your readers even they critic your blog. You show your enthusiasm and good attitude, then they may be your regular readers and contribute comments on your blog from time to time. Good relationship is the key to build up health community, it could help in a long run basis.

7) You Didn’t Write Simple And Understandable Post
Many people like to write long and complicated post to show people that they’re professional, they use complicated words and sentences to write a lengthy post and they thought they’re expert in writing but they’re wrong. You want people to read your post and leave comment, then you have to write simple and understandable post that make people easier to leave a comment. You may write list post for easier understanding.

How To Get More Blog Comments?

1) Blog Commenting
If you want to make your blog to be crowded with conversation, you need to learn how to build a healthy community around your niche, then the community will be hanging around your blog and leaving comments from time to time. Blog commenting on other blogs is a good way to build up community, you may search for similar niche blog and leave a comment or two. I’m sure they’ll drop by your blog and leave a comment as well.

2) Sincere Interaction
I’m sure you did receive several emails from blogger fellows who asked question about your niche right? You should reply them sincerely and try to help them as much as you can, once you help them to resolve their problems, they’ll be your regular readers forever, or at least for a few months. When they know you can help them with their problems, then they’ll leave more comments on your blog and ask questions.

3) Know Your Mistake And Overcome Them!
You just have to know your mistakes (perhaps one of the 7 mistakes above), overcome them and you’ll be getting more blog comments on your blog. Learning from mistakes is the essential process toward success.

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My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

Streamline Pro Theme from Studiopress

Streamline Theme is one of the best premium WordPress theme out there. The theme was created by Studiopress and it runs on one of the most popular frameworks for WordPress – the Genesis Framework.

Theme Features

Streamline theme has loads of features and it’s one of the most elegant looking themes for WordPress. Like all the other Genesis child themes, after the Genesis 2.0 update it too now supports HTML5 markup. The theme is completely mobile responsive and it works seamlessly on mobile devices.

The theme comes with 3 color styles – Blue, Green and Orange. You can choose any color and change it anytime you want. Streamline theme also comes with a featured page area which helps you in displaying featured content from your site. It can be very effective when you want to show off your own products and also comes in handy when you promote a certain product and are aiming to get some sales.

The Streamline Theme comes with 3 page layouts – content / sidebar, sidebar / content and full width content. In terms of page templates, Streamline theme provides you with 4 options – Archives, Blog, Columns and Landing. The Archives page can be used to show off all your articles that you have on your blog. The Blog page can be used to show off your content in a blog style. Most of the theme nowadays comes with custom homepage builder and that’s why an additional blog page is provided if the user prefers to display their content in blog style.

streamline proStudioPress Theme of the Month

The columns page can be used to display multiple columns on a single page. Columns page pretty useful when you’re displaying testimonials of your clients. It saves space and makes it look compact. Landing pages are used by most affiliate marketers and bloggers especially for sales pitches. Landing pages provides a distraction free look and helps in promoting your product more effectively. They are ideal when you’re looking to get sales – whether it’s your own product or someone else’s.

Genesis Framework and Pricing

Please note that before installing make sure that you have the Genesis framework installed. Without the Genesis framework, the Streamline won’t get installed. In fact, no Studiopress theme will be installed unless you install the framework. The Genesis Framework and the Streamline theme together cost $99.95.

So, make sure you check out the Streamline Theme as it’s one of the best and I highly recommend it.

About Brian

My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

Get Cheap Domain and Hosting From Namecheap

Namecheap is one of the most popular domain registrar in the world. Apart from Godaddy, it’s the go-to place for all kinds of domains. For those who are just starting out, Namecheap is a great company to host your domain.

The most important thing to remember when buying a domain is your target audience. If you’re looking to create a site from which you want to earn money, it’s best to go with a .com domain. If you’re looking to create a site that is specific to a country, it’s best to go with a country level domain. However, country level domains are generally more expensive than the generic domains like .com, .net and .org. You can register them for lesser price since all domain registrars provide discounts for first time registrations. But make sure you check out the renewal price before doing so.


Apart from Domain Registration, you also get a robust and reliable DNS performance. Namecheap has a partnership with Verisign and is associated with all major DNS providers. All domains also include free URL/email forwarding. You also get a flexible Domain Management Control, where you can easily make DNS changes very easily with the advanced control panel. You also get the option of Domain Privacy for a minimal price which ensures your private information is secured and not revealed to the outside world.

SSL certificates are also available at Namecheap. They have 3 types of SSL certifications – Domain, Organization and Extended validation. Domain validation certificates are the least expensive ones and provide the most basic encryption. It’s just to validate the domain ownership. Organization validation ensures validation of the organization so that your customers can trust their personal information on your server. Extended certificates are the most expensive ones. The issuing authority makes a in-depth analysis before issuing the certificate. Almost all the certificates, they issue provide either 128 bit or 256 bit encryption.


Apart from domains and SSL certificates, Namecheap also sells Hosting which includes Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Hosting. Shared hosting is the least expensive one. If you’re just starting out, Shared hosting is the best option if you’re just starting out. It means that even though you will have your own hosting account, your account will share the same space with other shared hosting accounts. However, there’s a disadvantage with using Shared Hosting. When your site/blog starts to get more and more traffic, it might not be enough. The site then generally starts to experience performance issue.


Reseller hosting is for those who are looking to offer hosting services on their own. VPS hosting is for those sites which have a good amount of good traffic. VPS generally means that your site will have a separate virtual OS only with your account. This provides more reliability, flexibility and security. If you have a site which has a really high traffic and lots of user interactions then, it’s best to go with a Dedicated hosting. This will provide full control of your site/blog.

So, make sure you check out Namecheap as it’s one of the best when it comes to domains and hosting services.

About Brian

My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.