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We all face challenges when blogging online. It’s difficult to produce consistent quality content for our blog readers. The challenges we face make us the bloggers we are today.

Some bloggers give up, they don’t have time or perhaps the skills needed to make a blog work. The rest of us keep moving forward and continue trying to make a splash in the blogosphere.

I’ve been blogging since 2007, I’ve seen tons of bloggers come, and tons of bloggers go. I see the challenges they face and in today’s article I’m going to cover some of the more serious ones that may lead you to quit blogging. Whatever you do, please don’t give up, face these challenges and overcome them. Blogging provides a lot of positive experiences I don’t want to see you missing out on them.

    Content Creation

Creating content for our blogs is extremely difficult. We have to constantly find and produce quality content for our blog readers. Determining what our readers are interested in is also a challenge in regards to producing quality content. What do our readers want to see? Understanding our blog audience is key to determining what will be considered as quality content. If you know your blog readers, producing interesting and quality content will become much easier.

    SEO and Social Media Marketing

Understanding Search Engine Optimization can prove to be very difficult for most bloggers. Combining SEO with Social Media and all of a sudden you need a degree in marketing to have a high traffic and actively visited blog. Time management plays a key role here as well, spend too much time marketing and doing social media you lack time for content creation. Creating a strong brand with social media is something most bloggers do not understand. I see users constantly using different images on many social media sites, this is a huge error and should be rectified ASAP!

    Design and Usability

Creating a website that is easy to use for our blog readers is extremely important and not easy to do. We have to keep in mind the usability of our site by removing ads when we have too many and other distracting sidebar widgets we don’t really need. Creating a usable environment for our blog readers is so important when trying to keep them engaged and coming back. Another factor that plays into this is the load time of our blog, will people be able to visit our site at fast and reliable speeds?

    Engaging our Audience

Taking time to have discussions with our blog readers is extremely important, but also time consuming. I try my hardest to reply to all my comments but sometimes it’s just not possible. The point here is to do our best and that’s all that matters. Between marketing, content creation, blog management and design we have to make room for reader engagement. I’ve also seen reader engagement to the point of returning comments on other blogs, if you have time, I’ve seen much success with this activity.


What are some of the challenges you faced as a blogger? Share them here in the comments section, also feel free to discusses some of the challenges I’ve mentioned and how you managed to overcome them. I hope to hear some feedback as I know we have all experience many of our own blogging challenges.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

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