With most people around the world hooked onto the Internet these days, conventional marketing practices are undergoing a revamp. Most people are of the belief that the Internet has annulled their worth and cost-effectiveness as part of a marketing plan.

The Offline World: With quite a few marketing experts as well as traditional media persons, mourning the demise of newspaper readership and subscription renewals, web versions of every newspaper have risen to the occasion to support their offline counterparts. As directories are losing ground to local-based search apps, many marketers are speculating over the future of the local search industry.

However, website owners and companies should not leave the traditional marketing efforts in favor of SEO and SEM any more than they should completely neglect the altering landscape and the resultant shifting to the online world. Following either of these tunnel vision approaches will only affect the business, the brand and the company’s bottom line, negatively, in the long run.

The Online World: Having a presence on the web gives companies a chance to connect with their consumers on a different stage. Their brand can peek into the user’s lives at more points than ever, with each and every moment possessing the potential to lead that user to action.

Day by day, more and more users turn to search engines to ask questions and look for information. It does not make any sense for a company to not promote their website as an answer to the user’s query. It is particularly significant to have an online presence when users search for that particular company or one of their brands in particular.

The prevalence of social media websites and the new phenomenon of daily deal providers such as “Groupon” and “LivingSocial”, companies can push their SEO efforts and scale an even wider consumer base that, can be more targeted and specific that before.

However, none of these online endeavors are instant remedies that can make up for the scarcity in offline branding and promotion. If consumers are not aware of a company by the name or the product, it makes the discoverability of the company’s website all the more difficult. The user might only search for it by fluke, if at all. Hence, online and offline efforts need to work collectively to help the business expand their consumer base and promote their brand.

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Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aaris is SEO company in India. Kaushal has conceptualized SEO Traingulation Method to get desired ranking. In addition, he is also a passionate blogger and writes on diverse topics such as Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, and Social Media.

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