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If you have watched the news lately you understand the dangers your teens face while being online. From cyber bullying, sexual predators, people posting inappropriate pictures of your children, or any other dangers that could potentially threaten your child’s welfare. As a concerned parent you want to make sure that your children are safe while being online. But how do you go about doing that?

Free Tools Are Not Enough

There are already free tools like the Family Safety Tools offered by Microsoft Windows. But that only monitors their activity when they are on the computer. Plus it only tracks what websites they are visiting and applications or games they are using. The one important feature that it won’t monitor? Your teen’s online social media activities.

Before now when your child signs up and starts using popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram there was no way to actively monitor their activities. To make it worse a vast majority of teens access these popular sites through their Smartphone – not from a computer.  So how can you monitor your teen’s activities if they’re not on their computer?


Socially Active

With SociallyActive you can now monitor your child’s online social media activities no matter where they login from. Once you sign up for the service you can actively start monitoring everything that is happening with your teen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With Socially Active you can now track and see everything your teen is posting or interacting with online.


How does it Work?

Socially Active uses your teen’s online login and password credentials to each site and accesses them directly. There is no software to install. Everything is online through the Social Active service. The best part is? Nobody will even know that your teen’s accounts are being monitored. There is no branding or any hint that their accounts are being watched.

Note: It is highly recommended that you have a discussion with your children first before doing this. They value their privacy as much as you value yours. So it is important that you work with them and let them know why you wish monitor their activities.

Types of Activities Reported

After you enter their credentials into the online service you will start receiving reports of your teen’s social activities. From activity updates, to friends they are interacting with, to what is being shared. Everything will be available to you in Socially Active’s detailed reporting system.

See Your Child’s Recent Activities Online


From wall posts, to pictures they have posted or have been tagged in. to comments they have either posted or received. Or to even the Facebook Groups they have posted to. You can easily read and pull up the information from the Socially Active site.


See who your child was with

Socially Active displays the profile pictures of people your teen was with in a photo. You can then quickly spot people you don’t know and click to see their details about the interaction. You can quickly get a snapshot of what the online relationship looks like.


Get to know your teen’s friends


The average teen has over 200 friends typically on Facebook. Socially Active keeps track of all of this for you. You can quickly spot people you don’t know and click on their photo to learn more about them. This is always good seeing today children can add friends you may never meet as they are not in the same city.

Learn what’s popular with your teen

Teens are easily influenced by their peers. You can see what your teen finds popular through Social Active’s online reporting system. It will give you critical insights into what your teen and their friends are talking about online. This will also give you something to connect with your children easier. If you know what’s cool than you can become cool in the eyes of your kids.

Wall Posts and Mentions

Find out who has mentioned your child on Wall Posts in Facebook. This is a great way to keep updated and connected with the kids as they spend the night over at other friends or when they go to birthday parties. Also when your kids are tagged in thing perhaps you don’t want them to be, you can easily monitor and request removal of that specific tag.


You can start your account today with Socially Active and try it for free for 7 days. After that it will be only $5.95 a month. How much is your child’s safety worth though? Get Socially Active today and keep your teen safe!

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