Odds are if you are doing anything more than personal blogging you have at least thought about making money from your blog. Even those that write personal blogs can attempt to monetize their blogs but, in all honesty it’s probably the most difficult category of blogs to make money from.

The most common question people ask when it comes to adding an advert to their blogs is, “How do I make money fast?”

You don’t.

To advertise correctly you must be first and foremost have patience with your blog. A new blog is very much like a new born child. You need to nurture it and feed it. Make sure you give it time to grow up into a full grown adult blog. Many people think that blogging is an easy way to a six figure salary. It’s not.

However it is possible to supplement an income through a blog. It is possible to blog full time. It most certainly is possible to make that six figure salary blogging. It’s just not easy and definitely not quick.

Five Tips to Monetize your Blog

  • Take it Easy– So you’ve just started a blog and you want to advertise to the 100-1000 pageviews you receive a week. Well why would you need 10+ ads from 5 different advertisers running on your site? You’re not going to receive more clicks because you have ads and often times you’ll drive away repeat traffic because your site will look too much like a spam site. Less is more early on so place one or two ads in a very high profile location and let them work to the best of their ability while you focus on other things like building content and driving traffic.
  • Experiment – Try to find ways to optimize your ad placement. Each site is going to work better with different placements and different color schemes. Make sure you’re actually getting enough traffic to justify an experiment. If you’re only receiving a few hundred visits a week you probably should focus on increasing traffic before messing with your ads. The reason for this is simple, less traffic means it’s going to take longer to receive a sample size large enough to analyze with any credibility anyway.
  • Pick the Right Advertiser – Adsense is by far the most popular way people, especially beginners, will advertise their blog. It’s easy, intuitive and we’re all very familiar with it in general. However, Adsense may not be the best option for your particular blog. There are many options out there from Affiliate sites to other PPC campaigns. It’s important to think about your audience and which type of ads might appeal to them.
  • Work Hard – Hard work is absolutely necessary in monetizing correctly. You can not just slap a few ads on your blog and write some crap content and expect to make more than a few pennies. You have to not only write good quality content frequently but, be active about your promotion. It is not enough to just write good content and hope people will find it. There are millions of blogs on the website and no one knows about yours, so you must tell them. Not only do you have to promote your blog but, you must pay attention to where your traffic is coming from – what sites give you the best CTR, time on site, and page views. You want to be experimenting with different techniques in your promotion style as well as the way your blog is laid out. Hard work is the most important part of monetizing a blog which is exactly why you’re paid for it.
  • Don’t get discouraged – Starting out, especially if you’re advertising from day one, you will have a lot of days without a single click on an ad. Don’t let this get you down. When you put into perspective that click through rates can be between 0.75-2% for an average performing site your site that gets only 100-200 pageviews a week is going to see maybe 1-2 clicks a week. Just keep writing content and driving traffic to your site. With higher traffic you will see more people clicking on your ads.

Monetizing a blog is a lot of work and is all too often done incorrectly. It is a shame that people get it in their head that they can easily make money blogging by writing a few posts and slapping a few adverts on their site. Even some good quality writers get discouraged when they see how little traffic they get from their blog right off the bat. It takes a lot of time, effort and perseverance to break through the crowded world of the newborn blogs and make yourself known but, once you do you will be rewarded.


My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers. Come and join us on Blog Engage

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