Earlier this week I shared with you a theme that is simple and full of features, so I had to find another great example of a theme that uses simple elegance to share its content. Today, I found that theme, it is elegant and simple in design. The theme has been stripped down and all the extras were removed so the readers can concentrate on your content and not all the extra features.

That theme is Modest by Elegant Themes. It is a lightweight theme designed to be simple but still provide the website owner with powerful tools to build a successful website.

Modest WordPress Features

The Modest theme has five different color options to choose from.

Page Templates

The theme comes with page templates that are designed to make it easy for you to select different pre-made page layouts.

Optional Blog-Style Structure

Modest is a CMS WordPress theme but, it does offer the option to run the theme as a normal blog structure.

Automated Thumbnail Resizing

By default, Modest automatically resizes all thumbnail images by using timthumb. Now, you don’t need to upload a bunch of thumbnails images, you just need to upload one image and the theme will automatically resize as needed.

Advertising Management

Modest comes with an advertising management system that is setup to manage the placement of 125×125 banner images in the sidebar and 468×60 ads in the post pages.

For more information about the Modest WordPress Theme and to try out the demo, check out the information page.


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