WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world. But most are reluctant to try it when they start blogging because even though it is free, it needs a hosting server which can be expensive at the beginning. That’s why most start with free blogging platforms like Blogger , WordPress.com and TypePad. But soon most realizes that self hosted WordPress is more flexible and it’s thousands of plugin library helps in accomplishing many task.

When a blogger is faced with a dilemma like this, they have only two choices – either start a new blog with a new domain or migrate from the old blogging platform to self hosted WordPress. Migrating from WordPress.com and Blogger are fairly simple. You just have to export an XML file of all the posts and import them within WordPress. But migrating from TypePad to WordPress can be a bit tricky.

TP2WP provides a great service when it comes to helping in migrating from TypePad to WordPress. It makes the whole process very smooth and easy.

How TP2WP works

The first thing that comes into play is the converter which converts the TypePad MTIF file to WordPress standard XML file.

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TP2WP Data Converter

The TP2WP comes with a converter which is essential in migrating from TypePad to WordPress. Here’s a step by step guide on how the process works.

The first thing that you want to know is that TypePad uses a MTIF file and that’s the main file that you need to export. The first most important job is separating the markup from the content. MTIF files have different markup structures which is a problem when you’re trying to migrate from one platform to another.


The 2nd step involves identifying the images in the MTIF file. The higher the no. of posts it has, the more images it has. Images are important part of a blog. What TP2WP does is converts these in to references and adds the files as attachments in the XML markup.

The next step involves creating multiple authors in your WordPress account if you have a multi-author blog. Of course, the system is fully automated if you’re using TP2WP. It converts your TypePad MTIF file to a WordPress XML file and the multiple author accounts are created automatically.

TypePad to WordPress Conversion

TP2WP also takes care of the internal links. Migrating from one platform to another causes a lot of dead links. But with TP2WP you won’t have such problems.

Moving from one platform to another also involves moving your attachments like images, videos etc. Your blog may also contain videos and images of other people. TP2WP ensures that when you migrate only your blog attachments are migrated and the rest are kept aside.

TP2WP also keeps your categories and tags intact. Whatever categories you have used to mark your blog posts will remain intact and they will be same on WordPress when migration is complete.


ReadyMade WordPress Importer

The plugin is actually similar to the default WordPress importer except that it is a customized version specifically intended to import converted TypePad files.

The plugin takes care of the problems which may take place due to DNS and different IP address settings. The plugin has been created in such a way that the migration process will take place as smooth as possible.


TP2WP Valet Service

TP2WP also offers some valet service. Their valet service will do the job for you. If you’re reluctant about moving from TypePad to WordPress just because of the procedure that is involved, then the TP2WP team will take care of that for you.

Here’s a list of service they will take care of.

    Exporting Your Data from TypePad
    Importing Your Converted Data Into WordPress
    Installing and Configuring WordPress and Related Plugins
    Installing a Premium Theme
    Theme Customization
    Creating a Custom Theme Using a Theme Framework
    Creating Custom Contente Types and Custom Fields to Handle Non-Blog Content

TP2WP also has an informative blog section which provides knowledge and technical details of the migration process. Do check it out for more details.

So, make sure you check out TP2WP because I highly recommend them for TypePad to WordPress Conversion.

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