UnGagged is a social event where you will have the best and smartest SEOs and Digital Marketers in the world. This year UnGagged took place in Las Vegas from 9th to 11th Nov. Next year, it will be held on 23-24 June in London. If you have missed this year’s event, you can always attend it next year. Rarely, such an opportunity comes when you can interact and learn from the best in the world.

Programme Breakdown

The Programme generally as a lot of speakers who are expert in digital marketing and SEO. The first day begins with registration for the attendees. This year, the speakers covered a lot of topics which can be very helpful in this line of business.

For example, Jordan Koene from Searchmetrics delivered a great session on how one can increase their content data IQ. It basically covered how you can understand what users want by observing their behaviour around content. Jordan also went on to highlight that most of the content presented to the user are based on if ‘it feels good’ and not on if ‘it is required’.


Christoph Cemper from LinkResearchTools delivered a session on how you can power up content marketing and make an impact. This particular session was not traditionally based on how you can get more likes and tweets. It was more about how you can make your foothold stronger in some of the boring industries. Content marketing can be a bit tricky for these. Christoph gave tips on how you can learn from your users and grow with the learnings.

Paddy Moogan from Aira, delivered a session on content marketing success. Some of the key tips he highlighted are how to get ideas from your competitors, how to find the right influencers within your social network, how to target the right audience and also how to bring keywords into your campaign. According to Paddy, when all these are combined then the chances of your content marketing campaign hitting your objectives increases significantly.


Another interesting session was delivered by Jerry West on how to dominate Amazon with black hat. It’s a fact that Amazon is one of the most popular ways of making money through it’s affiliate program. What people misunderstand is that Amazon’s affiliate percentage might be very small. However, it’s also most likely that any user who ends up at Amazon will buy the product. This session was focused on how you can use black hat techniques to conquer Amazon’s algorithm and make tons of money.


Now that you have a fair idea of what you can get out of this cool event, you can plan to attend the event next year. It will be held in London at The Grange City Hotel. You can also buy the tickets. Early Bird tickets cost £545 and Regular tickets cost £695 excluding VAT. Currently, only early birds tickets are being sold.

So make sure you attend UnGagged as it’s pretty cool and you’ll learn a lot.

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