Are you looking for a business theme but tired of finding nothing but themes with a ton of options and features that some business owners may not need? If so, I have the theme for you. Recently, Elegant Themes released a business theme LeanBiz that was designed to be light weight but still look good and with only the needed features that any website might need.

LeanBiz not only looks good but it can function as a business site with call to action sliders, a portfolio to display your current products and service or you can setup the theme as a traditional blog with some extra features. Its up to you on how you could use it.

Elegant Themes’ LeanBiz Premium Theme

LeanBiz is a simple but professional business theme. The home page comes with a slider that can help you create some impressive call to actions. The whole point of this theme is to keep it simple and remove as much of the extra junk that many website/blog owners do not want on their home page.

Four Unique color Schemes

LeanBiz comes with four different color schemes. So if you want a little extra color, then you can choose a color other than white. If you prefer white, then go with that color!

Advertising Management

LeanBiz comes with a great advertisement system. The theme allows you to place 125×125 banner images on the sidebar and 468×60 ads in your posts. The system is easy to use and if you do not need the system, you can turn it off in the admin panel.

Automated Thumbnail Resizing

The theme uses timthumb to automatically resize your thumbnail images. With this feature, you only need to have one image per post even though the theme uses several different thumbnail sizes.

Page Templates

LeanBiz gives you pre-made layouts and utilities that can be used on an individual page. This way if you want certain pages to look different, you can use a different layout to make those changes.

For more information and to take LeanBiz for a test drive, check it out here.


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