The Jane Theme is one of the most elegant looking and simple looking premium WordPress theme. It’s a studiopress child theme created by a company called Pretty Darn Cute Design. It’s actually a perfect theme for fashion blogger because it has a certain style and elegance to it.

It’s a completely mobile responsive theme which means that it will open with the same grace on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With 5 color styles and 6 layout it provides you with a variety of customization options and to make it look as the way you want.


It comes with a custom background and a custom header meaning you can customize them in any way you want. To make the theme completely responsive, it contains HTML5 markup. In fact, after the Genesis 2.0 update, every use has the option to make the transition to HTML5 markup. of you wish because it’s a little different then the traditional HTML.

The Jane Theme comes with 6 layout options – content / sidebar, sidebar / content, content / content / sidebar, sidebar / content / sidebar and full width page. It also comes with 5 color options – red, blue, green, pink and orange. And it also comes with three template options – archive page which can be used to display all the articles of your blog, blog page which is used to show your posts in a blog style and columns page which is used to display information in the form of columns.


The theme also supports custom footer where you can add upto 3 widgets  or even custom HTML to display anything you like. The theme also has a portfolio page which you can use to show off your achievements or to show off your recent work and may also include testimonials from some your clients. You can also use the portfolio page as a landing page or even your home page by making it static and you can add unlimited items to it.

The theme also supports threaded comments which, it supports nested comments upto a certain level giving your readers more flexibility to comments as well as post reply to other comments.


Now, before buying the Jane theme, make sure you  have the Genesis Framework. Without Genesis Framework, which works as the parent theme for the child theme you won’t be able to use the theme. So, make sure buy Genesis first. The two of them together cost $99.95.

So, make sure you check out this awesome Jane Theme from Studiopress.

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